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Monday, October 10, 2011

Since Apple has reached the peak in the market, users can no longer just wait and see the creative changes of electronic products while more and more people come to be the pursuer of Apple products. Even if Steve Jobs has left us and iPhone 5 hasn’t been released in time, no one can ignore Apple and its development tendency.

In the PC industry, there’s no denying that the influence of Apple Macbook, Powerbook and iBook especially for these years. It is evidently that the whole industry has changed a lot while more and more laptop computers have become lighter and thinner than before.

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Since 2008, Apple has put forwards their first ultrathin laptop computer Macbook Air and this technology and design has great influence in the market in terms of shape, internal system, design, interface and so on.

Just as what Steve Jobs has introduced, users can start or power off the laptop computers immediately, support several interfaces with solid hardware and aluminium alloy extrusion, the thickness of which is smaller than 0.8 inch and the weight is lighter than 3 pounds.

These years, when the impact of Apple has expanded with time goes by, more and more manufacturers have realized the popularity and advantages of Apple devices. These characteristics have been adopted by Intel, PC manufacturers and others. As is known to all, the new released Ultrabook is very similar to Macbook Air in many aspects. It is predicted that HP, Dell, ASUS, Sony and Acer will also put forward their own Ultrabook laptop computers in next year.

Except for laptop computers, the iPad is also the symbol of tablet computer while nearly no one can be compared to iPad. Similarly, iPhone is also another miracle to consumer electronics industry that has also beaten Nokia, Andriod and other cell phone tycoons. No matter you are going to buy Apple laptop computers or not, it is certainly that we can see the signets of Steve Jobs, Apple design and technologies.

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