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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Since iPad has born, the tablet computer development has aroused great attention from the whole industry. However, according to the analysis report, tablet computer is possible to be replaced by PC and laptop computer in the end.

The user quantity of tablet computer is still not high enough with demands shortage.

Many people can see that the sales volume has reached a very high value while the whole market has held an optimistic attitude towards it. In fact, Apple has never located iPad as a computer but only a portable tool for entertainment. From the technique factors of view, the performance in business work is still weak. Except for iPad, Android and other tablet computers have also got the similar problem.

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As a matter of fact, tablet computer hasn’t become the daily necessities up till now. Some of users just use it to kill the time or deal with more entertainment movement in the process of journey. Thanks to the reasonable price, iPad has beaten many other tablet computers in the market.

Most of tablet computers are weak in the business performance.

At present, you just cannot computer your business work if you just take a tablet computer with you, whether it is Android Pad, iPad or other version. As is mentioned above, it is just regarded as a tool to kill the time, see some movies, play with games or other simple operations. Comparatively, such a narrow usage range has limited the development of tablet. That is to say, any personal or business user of tablet needs to have got another laptop or PC computer of his own. It seems that tablet computer is just an additional device that is not essential.

Tablet computer will be only the transitional products.

There’s no denying that portable network devices will be the primary products in the market. However, tablet computer is just a part in the process of evolution. Although we don’t know clearly about the future devices, it is certainly that multi-functions are necessary by all the terminal users.

Since Win 8 has appeared, more and more manufacturers come to pay more attentions to it. If there’s a new laptop computer that can be divided into two parts, the one with LCD screen can also be used as tablet computer, are going to buy another tablet like Android Pad?

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