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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When the debt crisis has restriken the USA recently, the whole industry comes to worry about the development tendency and world economy. Under this circumstance, there’re two Intel technology centers have been established thanks to the investment funds with 30 million dollars.

Just as the CEO of Intel said that they needed more investment, especially in the process of crisis. In 5 years, the project of Intel technology center has invested about $100 million dollars to cooperate with America's great universities, including secure computation, visual computing, cloud computing and so on.

intel technology center

As a matter of fact, expect for investment, the more important core value of Intel technology center is their open cooperation pattern. In my point of view, such a pattern should be learned by other companies of our industry, the patents and technologies in particular.

The Intel technology center has adopted a pattern to share the intellectual property and related technologies with the public. Meanwhile, they have also invited the organizations and submitted the projects actively. Since so, more and more developers and investors have participated into this project and more creative insiders will come here to contribute more about patents and technologies.

It is really a very good example to the consumer electronic industry. Recently, the cases about the patents and new technologies are increasing, even between the large brands. They just want to beat the others who have already become their primary competitors. Actually, these technologies are similar to some extent, but they have different contributions and locations in the market. If we are pursuing for the patents and intellectual properties only, it is bound to obstruct the development tendency and come into being cutthroat competition.

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