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Monday, August 29, 2011

Tracking back into the history, Apple products are all located in high-end stage and supplied to high-end customers. However, someone has said that the most obviously advantage for iPhone is that it is available to more normal users.

Actually, when selecting a new consumer electronic, we used to consider of cost performance and our own requirements at first. That is why HP has become the largest PC suppliers once upon a time. However, nowadays, HP has to give up their PC business department while Apple has reached the top of the industry. What the hell is the reality?

In the past, businessmen prefer to Thinkpad laptop computers that are the symbols of professional senior elite. Certainly, Thinkpad notebooks have got high configuration, precise design, good appearance and stable internal structure. Especially for T series, the titanium alloy enclosure is a unique design in the world. Even if it is not related to the technologies a lot, many businessmen is favor of thus Thinkpad laptop computers at that moment.

apple macbook pro

Comparatively, the success of Apple is similar. Previously, it is expensive and luxurious to be an enthusiastic fan of Apple. Only those fashion followers, designers and innovative high-end customers have selected Apple Macbook, Powerbook and other devices.

However, the policy of Steve Jobs has brought us a new revolution in the industry with iPhone, iPad and iTouch. All these consumer electronics are very popular in the whole world while more and more users have participated into the queue of Apple even if they are more expensive than the traditional products.

steve jobs, apple, iPad

It is just a new culture from Apple. Since we have suffered from financial crisis, we are no longer prosperous while we have to consider of cost performance. At that time, Jobs has initiated to create the market for Apple by iPhone. When the sense of identity has arrived with a reasonable price, many businessmen who have got bright past or pursue for high-level lifestyle has come to Apple. And the birth of iPad is another revolution to computers. Actually, other Tablet PC manufacturers are really hard to surpass iPad according to the current market situation. It is not a business of configuration, technologies or price but a new culture.

Apple has brought us to a new world filled with spirits and culture. I think it is a theme many large brands of laptops have to study seriously.

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