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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yesterday, we have confirmed that HP was discussed about purchasing the second largest software company Autonomy and decided to give up the business of PC. In early times, HP has published that they would split their PC department. As the largest PC supplier once upon times, how come did they make such a surprised decision?

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Is it related to the failure of HP tablet computer TouchPad?

tablet computer, touchpad

After HP released their Touchpad, the sales volume is very negative and a great number of tablet computers have been kept long in stock. Although they have abated the price by about 100 dollars, the sales volume is still very low. In some malls, only one-tenth of Touchpad tablet computers have been sold out.

Comparatively, the competitors, especially for Apple, have surpassed HP to a great extent. With the similar or a little higher price, iPad seems to be more popularized by terminal users. The webOS for Touchpad has been pinned great hopes by us, but the result is that it has failure with HP. Some users said in brief that it is impossible to surpass iPad. With poor battery standby time, lack of creative applications and other problems, this tablet computer is bound to fail.

Does it mean HP was moving towards declining in hardware industry?

By the appearance, the failure of tablet computer is only a part of HP, especially when they are only the new business. However, on the other hand, we can figure out many problems existed in HP hardware technology and market share.

These years, all kinds of accidents have occurred to HP, including battery recalling, flash screen, failing to turn on, burning motherboard and so on. Even though HP has got the largest customers before, it is unavoidable for HP to lose their loyal users in trusting the products quality.

It is also reported that HP is likely to sell their personal systems group, including smart phone, tablet computer, WebOS and PC.

Someone said HP should get rid of low profit industry and concentrate on the development of core competitiveness.

It is said by the analyst of New York ISI Group Abhey Lamba. He told us such a result is just what they were looking forwards. And HP is also developing towards software and expanding their cloud computing services. Nowadays, when the software industry is in the process of fast development, the phenomenon of HP is by no means an accident but an alarm bell to all of us.

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