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Monday, August 8, 2011

Are you fed up with the traditional consumer electronics and laptop accessories? Do you hope they could be more interesting with some additional multi-functions? Supposed the laptop charger can also be used as an outlet while tablet and cell phone can be together as one, the experience will be different completely.

Laptop Charger Outlet

newfangled consumer electronics, laptop charger outlet

Actually, laptop charger is just the external power supply. But have you imagined that it can also be the outlet? Recently, a manufacturer has produced a new laptop charger outlet that has got two sockets to supply enough power energy to other consumer electronics. That is to say, even if there’s only one wall socket in the room, several devices can be charged by it normally. If you are going out to have a meeting or business trip, it will also be very convenient.

A Package of both PDA and Cell Phone

newfangled consumer electronics, pda, cell phone

Last month, ASUS has released a new product that has both tablet and cell phone inside, which has broken the traditions of the industry. Although it seems to be a pure PDA by the appearance, we can see the cell phone stored inside after opening the storeroom in the back.

In addition, the tablet can complete all kinds of operations of cell phone by a larger screen. When the cell phone is power off, users can also make the tablet as a backup. These two consumer electronics are both of high-end configurations. The only fly in the ointment is that the PDA has no webcam while only the cell phone has.

Therefore, we can not only expand the cell phone screen but can also save users a lot of physical and electronic spaces.

Some other Newfangled Consumer Electronics

USB cup humidifier can not only be regarded as a cup but also a humidifier. Thereby, the remaining water won’t be wasted by users if they are unwilling to drink up. With USB connector and automatic induction device of basement, it is really very convenient and environmental protected.

Of course, there’re also some double-faced USB connector, intelligent adjusted keyboard and other newfangled consumer electronics. If you are interested in, please go to the market to have a look.

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