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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Recently, the discussion about PC computer and tablet is hot in the market. The CTO of Fujitsu has also threatened that tablet computer is very likely to substitute PC in about five years, which has aroused huge controversy.

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Controversy one, tablet market share is still at a very low stage.

Including desktop and laptop computer, the popularizing rate of PC is really very high while the development rate is always increasing. These years, the development of tablet computers is also very surprised with double or even triple increasing rate. Compared to the market share of PC, it is just hard to contend against.

Controversy two, the complex application and operating ways have made tablet to be inferior to PC slightly in convenience.

It is obviously that the complex operation has made tablet computer inconvenient to complete some direct tasks. If users are going to have a large electronic form, they can only work on the laptop computer or desktop computer instead of tablet. After all, limited by screen size and touch pad, even iPad won’t be appreciated by designers and other businessmen.

Controversy three, the used operating habits are hard to be changed by tablet at present.

Without keyboard and mouse, users have to reduce their typing rate and it is hard to have a precise operation on the programs. To be sure, the position and core value of tablet is the good appearance and touch screen. However, the USB interface, Wifi wireless and non-keyboard design are still unaccepted by real customers.

Controversy four, although tablet dominates in portability, the multi-functions of contents fabrication are still immature.

At present, tablet and PC have got their own different market positions and user groups. Just as laptop computer vs desktop in the past, it is hard to surpass the traditional habits and requirements. As the largest advantage of tablet is just portability instead of multi-functions, it still needs a long way to go more than five years. After all, any consumer electronic should have its real and deepoing secret weapon.

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