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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Since science and technology have become an important part of our lives, customers come to require more and more from the consumer electronics. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to intelligent and multimedia technologies.

The notebook computer that has increasing relationship with our daily life is going to add more and more new additional functions, such as usb 3.0, fingerprint identification, Power Xpress, Multi Finger Touch and so on. Today, we will introduce some of them to you. How much have you imagined before?

Intelligent double graphics card switch

graphics card

As is past by many years, our portable PC industry is pursuing for a new ideal portable notebook with high performance and long last time. Except for the lithium-ion batteries, there comes to be another new intelligent double video card switch technology.

As a matter of fact, such a technology has appeared long time ago while this is the third time update for it. The last two versions have to rely on manual switch. Comparatively, the latest version of double graphics card is much more attractive. It can complete changing-over in an instant time without any operation of restart or flickering display.

In addition, the double graphics card will fluctuate in plugged and power off state in order to improve the standby time and reduce the frequency of video card.


usb 3.0

Before released, USB 3.0 has been delayed by chip set so that it cannot establish regulation for a long time. Only a few notebook computers have applied the technology of USB 3.0 before 2010 while nearly all the new notebooks have used such a USB 3.0 technology since 2011.

Compared to USB 2.0, the highest transmission rate is about 60MB/s, the USB 3.0 has increased a lot to be about 600MB/s. That is to say, we need to spend only a few seconds to complete a large file of several GBs.

3D technology

3d technology

It is an audacious but ideal knowledge to apply the 3D technology into the notebook. At the early times, some manufacturers have researched and developed 3D glasses for 3D technical notebook.

Since the glasses-free 3D technology has been released with notebook screen, it means the new entertainment age is coming. Users can have the real experience of making movies, playing with 3D games and other skills.

In the near future, as long as the resources of 3D technology can be confirmed in quantity and effects, such a new notebook will be the primary version. Of course, thinking of the factors of health, there’s still something need to update and study.

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