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Thursday, July 14, 2011

There comes to be a new-style Li-ion battery that can store more power energy than the present ones. Meanwhile, with very good performance, it can also be adapted to high temperature, which is proved to be the most valuable invention in these periods.

The enterprise Leyden Energy has taken use of graphite set electrical and sodium imide applied into battery electrolyte. To make the Li-ion batteries last longer and have better adaptability to the heat. The spokesman is always keeping the secrets from outside.

li-ion battery, energy density

The energy density of the laptop battery is 255 Wattage for per kilogram that belongs to high-end products. With 50% higher energy density, such an internal structure can also be applied to electric automobile. Leyden Energy has also released that they are going to produce some high-end tablet batteries according to Aakar Patel, CEO of this enterprise.

Nowadays, Li-ion batteries have been installed in many consumer electronics. However, it seems that we need to improve the internal design to make them more security.

As for the automakers, they are in sore need of high energy density batteries to prevent all the devices from overheating. But they have to rely on some other relevant electronic equipments and cooling system.

The key point of Leyden Energy new technology is just the electrolyte and current collector, both of which have influence on anode and cathode performance so as to extend the security range and stability.

Li-ion laptop battery can take use of air to cool down instead of liquid only and they are cheaper and lighter. To prevent from overcharging or lack of power energy, the researchers of Leyden Energy have even got some experiments on vehicles.

It proves to be of very perfect superiority in reality. As to all kinds of electronic goods, these aspects of thermal management, life cycle and energy density have all behave well. Since this new technology has first appeared to laptop battery, with about 1000 recharging cycles, it is bound to have longer warranty and service time.

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