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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Everyone here has known clearly about laptop computer sensibility, especially for the high work temperature. With time goes by, people have different kinds of methods to cool down the laptop. Actually, once it comes to be overheating, the computer system is very likely to be cut off. In the past, we used to think of the heat radiator when we need to get rid of overheating. But a lot of users don’t consider it as a good idea as they don’t want to get into a fight. In that way, do you want to come with me solve the problem by software?

Notebook users must be familiar to control panel while Windows 7 has actually achieved some updates from XP. Among them, there’re three power modes that can reduce power energy consumption and cool down the whole electronic product.

1. Power Saver: With the lowest consumption and heat dissipating capacity

Under this mode, the power plan for graphics card will prolong the lifespan to be the longest. Turn the system cooling policy to be passive, minimum processor state to be 0% and maximum to be 100%. In display, set the brightness to be 40% on battery and 100% plugged in. By such a power saver mode, laptop computer is suitable to be used as portable device and all the parts can work under the lowest consumption situations.

2. Balanced: The consumption that depends and heat dissipating capacity is a little higher

According to the default setting, system cooling policy is active by plugged in, minimum processor state is 5% and maximum is 100%. The brightness is the same as power saver mode. That is to say, under this balanced mode, all the activities can only supply security performance with active situations. If not played for some periods, the laptop will also change into the power saver mode. As to most of users, it is the most reasonable power plan.

3. High performance: With the largest consumption and highest performance

With high performance, the cooling policy for plugged in is active and 100% for minimum and maximum processor modes. The display brightness is 100% for both on battery and power supply. Obviously, all the hardware has to work under the best situations so that laptop computer needs to consume much more energy. If you don’t have an effective radiator, please choose wisely.

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