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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

As is saying that he laughs best who laugh last. But what’s the root driving force for us to last the longest? Actually, a little bit time can determine the final success.

longlasting career

The core value for you to succeed in career

If you don’t hope to hold back in career, I think you have to learn about your core value, interests, and personalization. But it seems to be a great concept instead of concrete plans. And if these factors are conflicting, what to decide in the end?

In my mind, I think interests will be the last power that makes us to the end. If you have multi-interests or have no idea about your own one, some tests are necessary for you, such as Holland professional test, vocational interest test and other relevant tests. Never have too much faith in what your company has provided in tests. After all, most of them are used in human resources selection instead of the most suitable career tests for you.

The laptop and other equipments to last longer

No good soldier can attend a war without any good weapons. That is to say, laptop and other equipments have the same influence on your own technical abilities in business.

Longlasting laptop battery is a plain but important accessory that determine the standby time of laptop computer. Just like administrative staffs, we may ignore them in daily work, but what will happen if they are all out?

Train and select some high-quality equipments and extended life batteries. They can take effects in the nick of time.

The way for your small business to win the market share

About 60% small business cannot last for more than 10 years. Are they failed in strategy, technologies or resources? Absolutely, it is the insistence. Most of them have given up only a day before success is coming while the winner competitor has no fatal kill shots but only insistence.

So, consider of your own interests, personalization and core value in mental, consider of your equipments in physical, consider of the success in everyday life. And wait and see what happens in your new life?

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