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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Whether you have become Dad or not, Father's Day exist and celebrated in each year. We have Dad's figure, time of gathering and various experience feelings kept in memory. But can this 2011 Father's Day be more special and powerful?

  • USB Phone World Father's Day Promotion

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  • CODE: FD2011OFF20

  • Date: June 8 – June 19, 2011

1. An excited special medal is coming for Father's Day promotion.

Father’s day promotion, medal

It is a credit to all the USB Phone World customers and other possible customers. Each of our customers deserves to have such a great honor. Not only for how much sales volume you have contributed, but also for what you have taught me how to do for the next activity and development period. Go ahead to get your discount. You deserve it.

2. Does it sound cool?

A special Day for Father and a special coupon code for you (20% off at any purchase).
Take more photos for your Dad with high-quality digital camera battery. Contact with Dad in the distant places. Or play games with extended laptop battery and charger at that day. Take an action now!

3. Thanks Dad!

thanks dad, 20% off

Thanks Dad for my life. Thanks Dad for teaching me well. Thanks Dad for providing me memories and knowledge. And these have been recorded in our minds and each deal of love.

USB Phone World supplies 20% OFF coupon codes to thank all dads and our customers.

Happy Father's Day!

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