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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Many laptop merchants are accustomed to popularize their products by configuration, unique features or additional functions. I have to admit that every computer has its own advantages in all corners, but no sole part can determine the overall performance if it doesn’t have suitable cooperation and support from other accessories.

laptop accessories, laptop battery, AC adapter, CPU

Just like business principle, the leader should learn and take fully use of the advantages of each accessory.

Actually, in my point of view, laptop computer user is a team leader while laptop battery and other accessories are the employees. If you have learned clearly about their characteristics, please play up strengths and avoid weaknesses. If you cannot, please replace it with another more suitable computer or replace the unsuitable parts.

Never believe on any powerful parts if they are not compatible to your laptop model.

After all, hero is in the book, in the movie and in history but not in the laptop. Some laptop accessories can be praised as a star product, but some of them cannot play fully due to external situations. Among these factors, the cooperation and compatibility are regarded as the primary. Obviously, without a high rate AC adapter, even the most powerful CPU won’t run fast enough.

The unique advantages should be reflected in all the parts performance.

That is to say, if you have a high rate CPU, you’d better install with a high capacity laptop battery and AC adapter. Just as a brand and a sense of culture, even though they have different occupations, these laptop accessories should have the same object and unique advantages. Thereby, only one step can all the users enjoy their performance and longlife cooperation.

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