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Monday, June 6, 2011

Recently, an interesting message has come to the consumer electronics and fashion industry due to a unique charger in USA. The New York famous designer Andrew Schneider has designed and released his latest solar bikini charger which can make customers more convenient when they are away on holiday.

bikini charger, laptop charger

This innovative charger has aroused great repercussions in both national and international areas. It is reported that this solar bikini charger is composed by solar-cell panel with the similar appearance with the normal bikini. On the top of the charger, there’s another USB port that can be used as MP3, digital camera, mobile phone and laptop charger.

It is evidently that such a special product is bound to be expansive and actual its sale prize is about 200 dollars, more than 5 times to traditional chargers. But its value is more than novelty and convenience.

According to what Andrew Schneider has told us, these bikini chargers, insist of solar panel cells and guide lines, are handmade completely. Made of 40 paperthin solar-cell panel and guide lines, each one has cost about 80 hours to produce. In my point of view, it is worthwhile to owe a delicate and multi-functional product.

Andrew also said that people who had outdoor activities could even swim in this bikini charge. If so, anyone who has dress in this bikini charger is definitely possible to be the public focus due to the future sense model. The only notice for you is that they had to be baked and dried the suit before recharging. You have no idea in the process of charging and thereby you have no occasion to worry if you will get an electric shock.

To popularize the bikini charger, Andrew Schneider is going to design some other relevant products, such as man swimming trunks that can also be used as beer cooler. Does it sound to be cool?

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