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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I have heard about one of my friends that she was confused about her laptop battery. After learning about recharging cycles, she took the time to remove the battery from computer in order to get more remaining cycles. But things do not turn out as her wishes. Her mac g4 battery even cannot last long enough after using for nearly one year and a half.

Apple mac g4 laptop

What’s wrong with her laptop battery or the computer indicator?

At the first, I ask our maintenance technicists to have a serious check for her. As is expected, the laptop system and hardware are all in good condition, except for the laptop battery. According to the report, this mac g4 battery performs as those Apple macbook pro batteries used for more than two years.

Such a result made her more confused as she couldn’t believe a product that not used frequently would be damaged more seriously.

We have recommended our customers to activate their laptop batteries if they are not in used for more than one month. It can activate the laptop battery capacity and help the battery management system to indicate correctly.

But when mac g4 battery has not worked normally for more than half a year, not only the indictor but the electrolyte and electrode will be reduced in performance as well. That’s why a frequent used laptop battery seems to have higher capacity and extended lifespan.

In addition, some other external factors like storing situations should be taken into account when coming across the problems of laptop battery.

Hence, I think it is worthless to try on some unfamiliar actions on laptop computer if you are not sure if it is effective or not. Especially when you have figured out some abnormal electrophoresis appear.

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