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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Recently, Verizon claimed that more mobile phones with 3G will be compatible to Skype. After the news has been popularized, I just want to learn more about and its future. Even though Skype phone is different from Skype messenger in many aspects, its development cannot be separated from the messenger, especially in developing period.

For its history of development, comes to be less popular than it is nowadays. Even the VOIP of muli-functions and global network hadn’t aroused enough customers before the rapid popularity of Skype. As far as I know, it was the free phone calls in USB phone adapter and Skype phone that made more and more people came to pay attention to this new VOIP phone.

It is closely related to the trends of Skype network that we think about the future of VOIP phone. When it was called USB phone, many users prefer to install some assistant applications while Skype phone itself is also regarded as an assistant external device. Skype mate comes to be even more popular than USB phone at that time for its personalized functions and fruitful interface.

Nevertheless, after more mobile phones are available to this VOIP network, will Skype phone still keep in the unique position as it used to be?

As a matter of fact, without frequent updates, any consumer electronic products will be replaced with the progress of the times. At this very moment, I think Skype phone should think much harder on the advanced and unique technologies while keeping its position among enterprise users.

Anyway, it is according to customers requirements that determine the future of Skype phone. Even if USB phone adapter comes to be specialized to us, it won’t be a suitable reason for users to separate from mobile phones. Something like skype mate will also emerge with time goes by.

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by: USB Phone World