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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Have you ever waited at the airport for about 4 hours? Or you have to wait for the late plane for a whole night? I think it is bound to be a bad news for you in a day and it will be boring if you don’t have a laptop. Do you want your laptop can last for 4 hours or more?

make laptop battery last longer at the airport

Absolutely, the longer laptop battery last, the better it will be. Although there’s external power supply available at the airport, it is definitely hard to playing by the supplies and it is not comfortable to place there. In the other hand, once many other customers require charging their laptop computers, the batteries come to be more critical than the chargers.

The difference between 9 cell and 6 cell batteries.

As is exemplified by dell inspiron 1525 laptop battery, it is produced according to OEM specifications. As long as you have never replaced your original batteries, it must be a 6-cell one. Comparatively, an extended 1525 battery has 9 cells and rated at 7200mAh while original one has only 4400mAh that is about only a half.

That is to say, according to your own situation, if you Dell computer can last for 3 hours, the extended 9 cell laptop battery replacement are likely to last for 6 hours. Does it sound to be amazing?

Yet you can take the time to deal with many items of business or leisure. You can complete a long-time movie for more than 2 hours or play a 3D online game at the airport. It sounds to be unbelievable before as these programs will consume much more power energy than any others. But it has come true by a high-capacity laptop battery.

Chiefly, different from standard, such a high-capacity battery should be charged fully longer as it has larger space and need more electronics. And a higher rate AC adapter has determined to shorten the charging time. And you’d better not work on the laptop in top-off charge and cool it down.

So far, we hope you can have a great day at the airport no matter where your destination is. Let us help you to kill the time more fruitfully by a longlife laptop battery. Please check in USB Phone World.

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