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Monday, May 16, 2011

We come to be closer and closer to our laptop computers at night for business or entertainment. It is truth that Internet has provided us abundant information resources, which is far more rapidly than other channels, including communication in Skype, Twitter and so on. After playing fully, have you ever found that you have just slept by your laptop for a whole night?

Whether it is ridiculous or not, such a consequence is similar to most of users. On no account can we prevent from the attack of drowsiness, especially at night. No one can tell me why I have fallen into sleeping when I am excited in the business project or other games.

Slept By Your Laptop Computer

As is known to all, it is harmful to leave the laptop aside for a whole day, which will reduce the performance of laptop battery and other accessories to a great range. For example, in use, all the programs and devices are on so that the work temperature increasing and increasing to be overheating. Meanwhile, charging and recharging again have consumed a great deal of recharging cycles for batteries.

What we can do to reduce the damages if you occur to sleep by the computer?

1. Power options. Normally, power options can be optimized to improve the performance of laptop battery. Apple macbook pro batteries have to supply enough power energy to both programs and additional functions in appearance. Hence, if we can set to turn off the laptop automatically, it will consume less and recover more.

2. Unplug the charger at night. I suppose such a practice is common of many terminal users according to observation and research. Certainly, please ensure if there’s enough power inside. And then unplug the charger so that you can protect the batteries from recharging.

3. Cool down and activation the laptop battery next day. In the end, if you are unable to prevent thus consequence in your laptop computer, it is the last method to save some performance. Please check the whole computer including battery and AC adapter is cooling down. Thereby, activation can initiate by charging and recharging for several rounds.

All in all, it is unreasonable to sleep by laptop computer. After all, both laptop battery and yourselves are bound to be hurt seriously by overloading and radiation. Please feel your way.

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