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Thursday, May 5, 2011

As is mentioned in USB Phone World Class, Lithium-ion laptop battery has limited lifespan which can be calculated by remaining recharging cycles. Thereby, more and more users come to remove their batteries if charger is available. But is your Dell laptop battery completely safe?

dell laptop battery

How to store the laptop battery correctly?

Before unplugging, please leave about 40 percent of power energy inside the batteries. Even if not in use, self-discharging is performing all the time. Then please put it into a cool and dry place where is below 77℉.

In addition, dust and moisture are also the primary killers to Lithium-ion batteries, which will destroy the battery board and accelerate the rate of oxidize. If possible, go and get a thin film to protect it from thus attacks.

How long is safety for Dell laptop battery to keep normal in storage?

As a matter of fact, except for self-discharging, passivation will also occur to Lithium-ion batteries so that both output voltage and current can be decreased to some extent. We recommend users to activate the Dell laptop battery at least once three months by deep charging and discharging for three times. Of course, once a month is regarded as the best choice. Otherwise, we can find that your laptop batteries are out of work when you require using it. Never provide it a suitable opportunity to be lazy and sick.

Some other factors to reduce Dell laptop battery performance

Just as dying batteries, those in storage but not in use are also very dangerous. As is known to all, Lithium-ion laptop battery is composed by both physical and chemical materials. Since discharging is on, it is really hard to avoid damaging and pollution. Meanwhile, exposed interface for battery in computer body is also at risk of dust and moisture. Furthermore, once the power is failure, please pay attention to data loss.

If you are about to remove your Dell laptop battery, please think hard and prepare fully before action.

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