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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Under what circumstance will you replace your laptop AC adapter? According to a research, more than half of users won’t buy a laptop charger replacement until they cannot charge or work normal obviously. Except for some rationality factors, there’re also some other sensibility factors like habits. Thereby, different customers will have different opinions on their ideal laptop AC adapter.


As to any electronic product, durability is always a major measure. Especially for AC adapter, the function and performance have made such a factor to be more important. Different from desktop computer, it has to be taken here and there so that power cable has to meet with all kinds of situations.


As a most obvious factor, no one can ignore the effects of compatibility. Except for universal laptop charger replacement, each one should pay attention to the output voltage, current and power cord. Otherwise, a powerful new AC adapter is work in vain.


Similar to PC power supply, laptop charger is also influenced by OCP, EMI radiation, voltage departure, ripple rejection, cross load, time sequence, dynamic test and other factors. In fact, if these projects perform well are the key points to stability and good performance.


Speaking of energy saving, conversion efficiency is one of the primary factors. After all, laptop charger replacement supplies AC power instead of DC power. That is to say, some power energy is consumed inside the switch mode. In addition, no load power loss has occurred to laptop and damage the charger by consumption in standby mode. Both the internal structure and actual usage method are of great significance.


It is frequently complained by users about the weight of AC adapter. Without portability, laptop has even no advantage to desktop computer.

Temperature and noise

Both temperature and noise are the signals of laptop AC adapter damage. Even so, heat and noise are unavoidable caused by high output power and Inner current fluctuations. When selection, please compare the laptop charger replacement from more merchants and make a decision in the end.

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