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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Are you the people who have never heard about activation or having no experience in actual operation? If so, you should start to worry about your battery in performance, especially for lithium-ion batteries.

A simple experiment can tell you about the truth and potential work principle.

uncharged battery

Please fully charge your laptop, digital or other lithium-ion battery and record the indicated run time. Then remove the charger from devices. If possible, try to take a full use of electronic products to consume all the power energy inside. Not until deep discharging is completed can you recharge the batteries again. After fully charged again, please compare the former and later indicated run time. If these two figures come to have a great difference from each other, it is obviously that you have lost the actual power energy for the lack of activation.

As a matter of fact, such an operation has completed only a part of activation. By charging and discharging for three times, the indicated capacity will be the closest to the reality. However, some businessmen are considering that it must have to spend them a lot time from the busy schedule. Don’t worry about it at first. Please let me offer you a good idea.

fully charge battery, full capacity, maximum power energy

Do you have to go for meeting or negotiation outside frequently in daily work? What do you do before leaving the office usually? Check for prepared files, confirm the data and fully charging your laptop computer. Yes, at that moment, you can have a speech, look for updated news and deal with other projects in your computer. Maybe it is really a good chance to complete activation naturally. And each time, you will figure out your run time has become longer and longer. Is that amazing?

So is mobile phone, digital camera and other electronics. Of course, never have a deep discharging or overcharging too frequently, which will overreach yourself. After all, recharging cycles are the basic standards to calculate the lifespan of lithium-ion batteries. But activation is exception. As all the indicating system for lithium-ion battery should adjust regularly so as to learn about the actual internal capacity more correctly. That is why we can recover power energy in reality by such an operation.

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by: USB Phone World