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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Speaking of after-sale services, it is always the core value of USB Phone World business over the long run. We try to provide our customers more useful information about our products, new technologies and FAQ to solve problems as much as possible. Competitive as the present is, there is no doubt that customer service has no reason to be ignored even though we have high-quality laptop batteries and AC adapters.

To develop into a new stage in the market, my colleagues and I have taken a lot of time on customer reviews, incoming calls, messages and information from other channels. Whether you realize it or not, most of users can forgive suppliers who have made some small mistakes but it is hard for them to accept a bad customer service.

In the process of career builder, USB Phone World has summarized the primary aspects of customer service.

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1. Reaction time. If you are purchasing some new products you haven’t used before or new online stores, it is bound to make you more anxiety in the face of unexpected conditions. Of course, it may be caused by unknown to additional functions. But we usually want the suppliers can help us to deal with as soon as possible. Obviously, the slow response can annoy our new customers seriously. Maybe apologize is effective for both late and busy. You can tell him that the problems need to be checked by technicists and recalled him once you have any free time.

2. The position and voice of customer service. From a project of service class, a teacher has told me that we should try to use the speaking style of our customers. That is to say, no matter for a calls or news, it is of great significance to stand in customer's position. If he asks you about laptop charger, you have to answer him by laptop charger instead of AC adapter.

3. Professional attitude towards crisis and problems. When our users are angry, on no account can we express happiness. Meanwhile, calmness is necessary when they are upset. After all, as a professional customer service, USB Phone World has experienced all sorts of problems before while the calm attitude can release them from worries to some extent.

4. How to help users to figure out the root causes? In reality, no one wants to hear about explanation from merchants even if it is the truth. That is to say, if possible, USB Phone World tries to help them to realize the causes by themselves. For example, if he hasn’t activated his laptop battery for months, he is likely to lose some actual power energy. The best way is to let him activate his battery by charging and discharging for several times instead of explaining about the work principle at first. In the process of operation, most of users can realize the reasons of power energy and standby time reduction.

5. Prevent from rival of harassment. The item is voted to be the most difficult one in the market. After all, for both small business and large corporations, we are all surviving in the competition. In my point of view, if we can create some unique advantages that are out of our competitors, we can avoid much more conflicts while there’s no absolute condition. From another hand, crisis is not only a pure damage but a new brilliant opportunity to USB Phone World. In some cases, our competitors’ interference has helped us to establish the new market by related PR skills.

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