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Thursday, April 7, 2011

As a unique laptop computer manufacture, Dell has occupied the market share online for years with low price. To save the cost, the after-sale service of Dell was outsourcing to a third-party agency which had aroused different kinds of problems in user experience.

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Recently, Dell declares that they decide to expand the investment on total solutions and services for new technologies. Meanwhile, several buildings for next generation clouds data center are included in their strategy that can provide high-capacity and efficient service. In addition, Dell will found about 12 global solution center and 10 followed in the next 18 months.

It is universally known that both laptop software and hardware have to be confronted with new challenges from higher requirements and competitive market in the next era. Both HP and Apple have purchased and researched on couples of patents and technologies. Any oversight is likely to leave Dell behind to a great extent.

As one of the most popular PC manufacturers in the world, on no account can Dell await its doom without any kill swords. After all, in the process of development history, all sorts of challenges have offered Dell experience on customers and competitors by both success and failure.

Compared to theories and technologies, the key point is located more on related service and solutions. In the history, great amount of new devices haven’t influenced the market powerfully enough due to poor service and resources equipped. That is why Apple has expanded its market share in such a short time.

As to most of new customers, a problem to meet with is how to deal with the new additional functions and if they are necessary. We have talked about solar and universal Dell AC adapter before in order to observe the tendency of PC market. It is proved that it depends on marketing skills and services to determine the winner of these new technologies. The strategy to focus on local small business is just the advantages to win the hearts of potential users and enjoy their products.

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