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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Different from many other consumer electronics, laptop batteries and chargers seem to be tedious in color of shells and interfaces. But as to compatible accessories, in most cases, it is really hard to have the same color as original ones completely.

Please check the description of external color of laptop batteries in

It is obviously that large parts of battery and AC adapter is produced into black while some of them are white or silver. Although these products have the similar performance in output power and internal structure, color has separated them from each other with different laptop appearance and other factors.

Are you about to change your laptop battery when a wrong color is sent?

In USB Phone World, not every user minds he doesn’t have a correct laptop battery in color. After all, they need replacement batteries just for backup and reservation. It is of great significance in stability and last time instead of appearance. After all, battery is installed in the bottom of computer, which doesn’t matter much in actual use. However, the difference between black and white makes some of them upset so that they decide to exchange them with us.

Will you choose original laptop batteries due to better appearance?

Of course, the mistakes are rare in receiving a laptop accessory replacement of wrong color. Comparatively, the tiny error in hue and tinge cares more. From the photos of each compatible products in USB Phone World, users can figure out they won’t have the definitely same appearance, especially for laptop AC adapter. Except for specifications and OEM brand, color comes to be the third key factor for users to have a decision.

How much do you care in selecting compatible laptop batteries in color?

To be sure, the significance of color is no longer what we see in eyes. Just as black to IBM laptop battery, it has become a logo of high-end Thinkpad products while Apple has covered more laptop products in white. Evidently, they have different meanings in the hearts of terminal users.

Select a laptop battery and charger replacement, in terms of color, care or not.

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