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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Last time, I come across short circuit on my laptop computer so that it is power off automatically by accident. As a matter of fact, it is not the first time for us to meet with accidents but I am surprised when I test on the internal capacity.

According to the characteristics of charging and symptoms, my laptop battery was only suffering from micro short which can keep it charging continuously. After all, only a part of internal components and circuits are damaged to some extent instead of the whole cell or even electrolytic condenser.

To check on the performance, our team has put out the universal meter and figure out the output voltage and current. From these indexes, I find that there’s much less electrolyte solution for Li-Ion cells due to micro short circuit. I want to know if they are broken up or consumed by other parts.

Someone told me that the electrolyte may be evaporated into vapour and gone away. In most cases, high work temperature will transmit more power energy to notebook computer or come to resolve, which is closely related to common damages in Li-Ion batteries. After all, overheating is the most dangerous cause to laptop battery and AC adapter while we should keep protection circuit working normal to avoid these events before occurring.

On the other hand, overcharging is also the root cause of expansion and overheating. We are used to keep laptop battery with outlet notebook all the day. Self-discharging will consume both power energy and internal capacity and develop into failure.

In my opinion, cooling pan is a good choice to get laptop battery rid of short circuit and overheating while internal capacity can be ensured by the Li-Ion batteries instead of rapid reduction.


by: USB Phone World