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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

According to the latest report of IMS research, the whole supply chain of PV and polysilicon have started to reduce in a great range in the first quarter of 2011. This developing tendency has also claimed that in the next quarter, the price is likely to decrease by about 7% in average, which is attributed to governmental policy to solar energy.

From this report, we also figure out that although such a level of decreasing has given us to eat a single nerve, it is unavoidable for solar laptop battery to get rid of high requirements and supply shortage. After all, in the last quarter of last year, the average contract price of polysilicon has only decreased by 2%.

Some insiders predicted that these manufacturers decide to transfer this kind of pressures to upstream suppliers as is forced by cut subsidies action while these solar batteries will also depreciate at the pace of laptop battery, silicon slice, polysilicon and so on.

The high requirements of 2010 expressed that those big rivals have nearly sold all their products. These suppliers can take fully use of such a market tendency to increase their shipments and price rapidly, especially for those sub-vendors. Therefore, IMS Research predicted that some small suppliers have to try to acquire and maintain the market share by price reduction.

Even so, the production cost of solar laptop battery is impossible to reduce to a great extent. Sam has impressed that both work efficiency and utilization rate are helpful to decrease the manufacturing cost of the whole supply chain while gross profit ratio margin comes to be tighter. IMS Research reported that in the middle of 2011, some suppliers of polysilicon and silicon slice will reach the half of last year. Anyway, we should remain optimistic toward the trends of solar laptop battery.

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