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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My laptop is Dell. I have used the laptop for two years, but it does not work recently. In desperation, I take the laptop to the computer repair store nearby. The boss checked it carefully and said that hard disk was broken. He told me if I want to charge the new hard disk, the price cost 80 dollars. So I said I come to here afternoon. I take some cash from the bank and I have a more intelligence. I take my laptop in my arms and go to the other computer repair shop. The store owner looked the laptop squirming around and said the ac adapter was burning out. The new one cost 45 dollars. I thought about it and said I forgot my money and I come here tomorrow. A shop than a cheap, I want to look which shop is cheaper. I go to a repair store and the owner said the laptop infected by virus, if you want to thoroughly antivirus, it cost only 15 dollars. I twist a head and then walk. At last, I found another repair store and the boss is an old man. He open the laptop and took soldering iron, counted inside without hesitation, then closed the laptop case. He smiled at me and let me try it. To my surprise, my laptop has normal running. I was very excited and asked how much. The old man said the laptop just dropped a line, I embarrassed accept your money. I gave the money to the boss resolutely. He received me 3 dollars. I said I will find you to repair laptop later on. He answered what? I never repaired laptop, I can repair radio only. You repaired my laptop just now. The boss was very surprised. He thought it was a new radio and blamed me that I should to told him in ahead of time, in case repair it was broken. I go out and looked the doorplate, it was a radio repair store. I feel it was too interesting. Through the case, we can saw there are many profiteer in the market, laptop users should sharpen your eyes to choose a formal store to repair your laptop or laptop battery dell.

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by: USB Phone World