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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Since last year, environmental protection has just started to be swim into focus. Affected by global warming, the industry of consumer electronics, especially for the factories, has obligated the major responsibility to reduce pollutions and utilize some green technologies and materials in the future.

Traced back to the history, laptop battery has contaminated the environment not for production process but affected by improper recycling methods more. Of course, the reasons are complex, including solution, cost and feasibility. Meanwhile, another paradoxical effect is that only a few industry insiders are familiar with recycling by processing mode.

First of all, it is important for us to learn about recycling scope clearly. Except for dead ones, defective and damaged batteries are also involved in this list. Through the average level of production efficiency, problems are common for manufacturers according to the strict inspection standards. It used to be uncertain for the settlement before to deal with these products.

In addition, some suppliers are taking advantage of recycling measures to produce refurbished laptop battery of very low cost. Such scandals are no longer limited by the individual workshops but large enterprises as well, which is really appalling news to us. Obviously, the confusion of recycling seems to be more urgent than we expected.

Furthermore, an investigation has been put into effect about how to recovery processing these laptop batteries. To be disappointed, nearly most of professionals of researchers and other employees don’t recognize the items up till now while they realized that they should gain more useful knowledge later.

On the other hand, it emerges to be complicated to deal with recycling batteries so that only relevant organizations have caught these items clearly. In my opinion, like lithium-ion cells suppliers, we can establish a cooperation with these organizations to keep these products going green and instruct our customers.

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