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Friday, February 11, 2011

With the PC field develop, most of people use the Win7 operating system. Many people say Win 7 will damage the laptop battery in other day. Why? The opinion is wrong. The truth is part of the particular type of notebook users upgrade the system to Win7 and they find the standby time is shorter than before. The laptop battery lasts half an hour. In fact, the source of the problem is Windows 7 adds a new tool about checking the laptop battery. Advices from foreign countries, Windows 7 gives untrustworthy battery stats. It means the electric quantity is unlikelihood. In a word, it is show the wrong information and does not damage the laptop battery. These battery problem, because the battery information to detect errors caused, if the battery itself no damage, your battery should be normal, does not exist battery was trashed. Events for the system performance of the laptop battery power misstatement low or misstatement battery life has come, besides problems, may not with this event related. From the technical level speak, update ACPI drive is useless, because all OEM released ACPI drivers are driving ACPI function expansion with, for instance, you have your notebook vendor unique quick buttons let you click can open wireless card, such function need OEM released ACPI driver support, of course, there are still probably plus wireless console application software such as OEM to match the function. So we could not trust rumors.


by: USB Phone World