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Thursday, January 27, 2011

When travelling abroad, laptop computer seems to be a good tool for businessmen to handle with deals and relieve loneliness. However, after taking away from several times, laptop battery is no longer so powerful as before while the service time is shorter and shorter rapidly.

As is reported by an HP senior engineer, lithium-ion compaq presario 2100 battery will still reduce its capacity even if not under working status. According to the work principle of internal components, electrochemical process is under the way all the time no matter you have shut down your laptop system or not. Therefore, battery will consume the stored power energy gradually and reduce recharging cycles as well.

Of course, there’re also some effective ways for users to extend service lifespan and decrease consumption out of actual use. In most cases, electronic quantity is closely related with ambient humidity, temperature, dust content of air and other related factors. Thus, hp 916 2150 can vary from 1 percent to about 5 percent in normal consumption power energy range.

Someone may be confused that such a level won’t use up the whole capacity by only one light or a daytime. Differently, according to the setting of charging and recharging, normally, another round will initiate at about 96 percent of power energy, which is really frightening statistics to us.

Obviously, it is best to remove the hp compaq nx9105 battery from motherland to avoid frequently recharging to consume service life senselessly while external environmental factors are also important as it should be.

As is known to all, high temperature that will lead to overheating is really very dangerous. But have you considered that dust and fur hair are also lethality to cause such conditions. It is not only for cleaning that we need to clear laptop battery termly.

Meanwhile, these objects are likely to block the cooling pan and even connect the mistaken circuit to short-circuit. If no, direct destroy will occur to the whole machine thanks to filthy materials.

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