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Thursday, January 20, 2011
Graphite surfaces are expected to do that application examples are one of the conversion efficiency is very high new generation of solar cells. Forecast its future application field, first evo n600c battery is transparent conductive film field, followed by the intermediate electrode etc. For graphite surfaces system transparent conductive film, touching panel faction expectation is higher, but solar battery manufacturer expectations may have higher. This is because graphite surfaces not only in replacing ITO properties or higher, and only its flexible graphite surfaces transparent conductive film can be achieved for solar battery is very important characteristics. This feature is to include infrared, in all infrared high transparency. Though infrared occupy a part of the solar radiation energy, but the existing majority of solar cells can take as an energy source for infrared effective utilization. This is because in addition to effective photoelectric conversion itself is not easy outside, so far more for realizing transparent electrode for infrared ITO and FTO transmission rate actually are low. If just for infrared ensure transparency is enough words, battery for pavilion dv9000 is not difficult. However, this material is mostly in the principle will face conductivity greatly reduced problems. However, due to the conductivity and charge density of mobility and the carrier in proportion, so if the product is not very high, mobility carriers so lesser charge density means conductivity small. The typical example is a glass the insulators. No matter how transparent, as long as the electric current cannot go through, it doesn't make any sense. Graphite is nearly the only one to avoid this kind of the material in question. The reason is that graphite surfaces are of very high mobility carriers. Therefore, even if charge density is very small, it also can ensure certain conductivity. This material is very rare. Recently evo n600c battery is to carry out actively photoelectric conversion coating materials, some infrared efficient conversion technology also successively appeared. This way, if can use of infrared transparency also high transparent conductive film, then can look forward to achieve than existing solar cells conversion efficiency. At present, in these development activities of the leading manufacturer is one of Fuji holding LTD. The company is currently new energy industry technology development institutions NEDO innovation comprehensive sex solar power generation technology research and development projects, and actively developing using graphite surfaces of solar cells with transparent conductive film. Compaq evo n1000v battery can bring out the best power field is organic film solar battery domain. First single separation of graphite surfaces in Manchester, England, researchers at the university had accepted "Konstantin in the electronic magazine interviews that" organic film solar cells is closest to the practical application of graphite surfaces one ". In solar use graphite surfaces as intermediate electrode advantage is transparent and with semiconductor layer compatibility is higher. Especially the intermediate electrode evo n600c battery hold concurrently at the two properties. Specifically, compared with TiO2 / PDOT, graphite surfaces electrode and semiconductor layer on the compatibility of better.

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