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Monday, January 17, 2011

He has ever suffered from explosion in his new bought lithium-ion satellite pro m70 battery so as to be afraid of consumer electronics security seriously. As it were, he should have become more careful about daily use with proper maintenance and other means. However, such an experience has surprised to destroy another new laptop battery thoroughly again.

To be sure, it is best for all the laptop batteries to have activation at the first time of purchasing, which can not only extend the standby time but also awake the potential capacity to some extent. In another aspect, by this method, we users can learn about its actual nominal value more clearly than specifications only.

Accordingly, Edward go for this operation in a hurry after he returned back home. Really, after that activation, his new toshiba laptop battery pa3383u 1brs performed well according to his experience in using notebook computers. He was just glad to replace all his batteries for laptop to get better performance in daily work.

This kind of success has reminded him the importance of activation and thus maintenance so that he was willing to do with these operations regularly. To keep from any potential problems and serious accidents, he also installed the update indicating battery management system for his battery and other laptop components.

To his surprise, these cares have not helped him to release his laptop battery to a good condition but destroy thoroughly. We are all surprised that why this careful maintenance hasn’t save him efficiently. After testing and researching, our technicans figured out that he operated too frequently so that the whole recharging cycles have been consumed and other circuits are injured by high work pressure.

From his story, I gradually realize that maintenance is necessary to toshiba li ion battery pack pa3399u 1brs while too frequent cares are also dangerous to all the consumer electronic products. After all, we need to earn money more and more but relaxing and entertainment are also a method of improving work efficiency by actual performance.

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