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Monday, January 3, 2011

At present, most of IBM Thinkpad t60 battery is composed by graphitization carbon materials which have occupied a large part in the internal structure of laptop batteries. Thanks to the characteristics of these components, users can enjoy the powerful functions and stable work environment there.

It can well meet the anode materials selection criteria. Is ideal for lithium ion battery cathode materials xiao hei [1 30. Graphite mainly includes natural Chi I ink, artificial graphite and various graphitization carbon, such as Z; inks of carbon fiber and graphitization middle carbon microspheres. Compared with other intercalated-li materials, carbon materials have lower electrode potential ((1.0 V VS Li/l. +). Good charge-discharge potential platform, long cycling life, safety performance is good, cheap non-toxic, etc.

HP hstnn-db32 has installed with ink, graphitization middle phase carbon microspheres (MCMB), petroleum coke, polymer pyrolysis carbon etc. The more suitable for lithium ion embedded.

The reversible charge and discharge capacity of graphite can reach 300mAh/g above, close to Lic6 theory capacity.

Lithium in graphite of take off, embedded reaction and unrelenting}, embedded capacity occur predominantly in the 0-2.5V of brown. Have good charging and discharging voltage platform. Low prices, it becomes the multitudinous researchers shut.

In graphite electrode, binder playing their adhesion effect, HP Pavillion dv6000 battery is indispensable component: acetylene black.

To increase the graphite active substances conductivity, they the graphite intercalated-li performance also have an important effect, but this aspect of the report.

All these factors are only the basic ingredients of IBM Thinkpad t60 battery that we won’t figure out from the appearance but the actual performance from daily work and other features in working.

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