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Monday, December 27, 2010

In most cases, after fully charged, as long as the AC adapter is removed from laptop computer, Dell battery d5318 comes to discharge to release some power energy. However, once overloading is occurred, what kind of results will come over? Will discharge also be effect while it can reduce the damage from overheating?

As a matter of fact, the first affair we should do is just unplugging the external power supply in case of being hurt by more serious accidents. Since overheating is usually caused by protection circuit problems so that it may become invalid forever, not caused by long-term charging but led by the improper using methods.

This can effectively prove that Dell 1300 battery can reduce its influence on internal structure confusion by discharge while how much does it add to our own life? After stop charging, lithium-ion cells won’t complete any cycle of chemical reactions any more and come to release the internal energy by discharging.

If possible, is there anything we can do to solve these problems except for discharging? The answer is definitely yes. Of course, the premise is the laptop battery is still useful without griveous bodily harm. Please check if everything is OK with all the laptop accessories, including motherland to gaining power energy and protection circuit.

When all these are excluded, please discharge your Dell Inspiron 1525 with 9 cell battery for some periods and then activate it fully after cooling down thoroughly. Such a method can save you a part of your capacity and make it to be healthier.

How to prevent laptop battery from overloading in actual performance? It seems to be a regular task for all of users. Compared to solution, maintenance is the must to prolong lifespan and keep the standby time for a longer period. It won’t until accidents happen to you that you begin to realize the severity of overloading.

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