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Monday, December 20, 2010

It seems to be amused that refurbished laptop battery has born for years in the market. However, such product has been sold to users by public while a low price has attracted more beginners. Supposed you have come across a too cheap Dell Inspiron 9200 battery or without enough warranty and after-sale service, please notice on this article carefully to avoid spending money to no avail.

Of course, according to the research, even if influenced by financial crisis seriously, most of users are unwilling to choose these low-quality laptop batteries as their preferred. In most cases, they are confused about the internal difference while the refurbished products have reached them to change their normal work stealthily.

Although refurbished laptop battery can be equal to second-hand ones in theory, you even don’t know its true features under the new container. In my point view, the refurbished laptop battery Dell Inspiron 1525 come to be more dangerous than we expected.

Despite of good contact, as the battery has been taken apart by non-standard business operation, dust and other dangerous subjects may mix inside the shell and even cells. If not sealed up properly, users are likely to be electrocuted which is still unbelievable before. As is mentioned, dust is the primary contributor to heat and internal components won’t be stable as before due to more contaminants that will lead to short-circuit or explosion.

In addition, do you think this new Dell rn873 battery is better than the former damaged one? Your internal memory and CPU will reduce their running speed for the sake of power energy while the whole device will be hotter earlier than it should be.

To be sure, even though uses have confirmed its specifications by output wattage, voltage and current, it is no longer what you wanted at the first time. That is to say, granted that it hasn’t been making the switch, a far cry from what merchants introduced has already existed, which cannot be denied.

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by: USB Phone World