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Sunday, December 12, 2010

As to high-tech factories, mistakes are dangerous but common to them in the process of manufacturing. To be sure, these potential unknown dangerous factors are just what users are worrying about seriously. For this reason, confronted with small mistakes which won’t cause serious accidents normally, should they release or conceal?

Such a problem is really contradictory to manufacturer and Apple a1175 battery due to the large economic loss, some popular products in particular. Once they have admitted their faults, they should take the responsibility to correct them by recalling, checking and reproducing, which have cost more time and money than the former process of production only.

Compare to those refurbished electronics, mistakes exist in Macbook Pro 15 inch battery is not so serious but may contain more serious accidents later. After all, just like a time bomb without fixed block, we don’t know if it will explore or just record the time or even serious accidents. Something like short circuit or power off is possible to us definitely by sudden.

Of course, the most important comes to be the reputation. Nearly all the merchants want their products to be No. 1 instead of two or more in the industry. Especially for those last-longing ones, it will cause larger influence on the customers for a small mistake while the achievements before will be forgot directly soon.

It is really a tragedy for Apple a1185 battery to be cast aside just because of a tiny wrong circuit in the data board. Of course, wrong indicator won’t cause any seriously accidents while some similar affairs have happened to Microsoft before. When more and more people cannot work on their laptop computers normally as before on the new Windows 7 system, the whole market comes to realize that it is the wrong indicators instead of the battery itself they cause to this strange situation.

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by: USB Phone World