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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Different from laptop computer, most of users are not going to put digital cameras into use every day. I think you can have the similar situation that there’s only a little power energy inside if not in use for a period. Even if it may be fully charged at that moment, remaining energy is less than we imaged.

Even though lithium-ion digital camera battery has little memory effect, it is also necessary to activate by fully charging and discharging once after stored for a long time. Otherwise, the indicator system may be out of work and shut down automatically before all the power energy is consumed, which is also harmful to lithium-ion batteries in recharging cycles.

Caution! If not maintained properly, your digital camera battery capacity will be less and less.

digital camera battery

As a matter of fact, digital camera battery at present has displayed all the characteristics of lithium-ion batteries, such as self-discharging, protection circuit, high energy density and sensibility. Except for wrong indicating, some other factors will be even more dangerous, which can make the battery damaged in actual performance.

1. Pay attention to the output voltage of charger.

Nearly all the lithium-ion batteries are sensible to overloading. Therefore, once the output voltage of charger is higher than your digital camera battery, both last time and lifespan will be shorter while overloading is also a primary cause to overheating.

2. Keep away from metal objects and water.

Evidently, metal objects and water are very easy to cause short circuit and even fire. Such accidents are common to mobile phones so that we have no reasons to ignore. Even if not so seriously, high work temperature can reduce its performance and short circuit can burn and destroy the whole battery.

3. Store your digital camera battery in a cool and dry place.

Due to the dangers from heat and damp, please put your digital camera battery in a cool and dry place. If possible, please remove it from the camera and stored in a clean box. With a little power energy remained for discharging, it can also avoid capacity reduction from deep discharging.

4. Get another battery replacement.

As digital camera battery is sensitive to deep discharging, you’d better replace with another replacement if it is indicated to be shortage of power energy. Meanwhile, it is also a good choice to avoid some battery failure accidents.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Under what circumstance will you replace your laptop AC adapter? According to a research, more than half of users won’t buy a laptop charger replacement until they cannot charge or work normal obviously. Except for some rationality factors, there’re also some other sensibility factors like habits. Thereby, different customers will have different opinions on their ideal laptop AC adapter.


As to any electronic product, durability is always a major measure. Especially for AC adapter, the function and performance have made such a factor to be more important. Different from desktop computer, it has to be taken here and there so that power cable has to meet with all kinds of situations.


As a most obvious factor, no one can ignore the effects of compatibility. Except for universal laptop charger replacement, each one should pay attention to the output voltage, current and power cord. Otherwise, a powerful new AC adapter is work in vain.


Similar to PC power supply, laptop charger is also influenced by OCP, EMI radiation, voltage departure, ripple rejection, cross load, time sequence, dynamic test and other factors. In fact, if these projects perform well are the key points to stability and good performance.


Speaking of energy saving, conversion efficiency is one of the primary factors. After all, laptop charger replacement supplies AC power instead of DC power. That is to say, some power energy is consumed inside the switch mode. In addition, no load power loss has occurred to laptop and damage the charger by consumption in standby mode. Both the internal structure and actual usage method are of great significance.


It is frequently complained by users about the weight of AC adapter. Without portability, laptop has even no advantage to desktop computer.

Temperature and noise

Both temperature and noise are the signals of laptop AC adapter damage. Even so, heat and noise are unavoidable caused by high output power and Inner current fluctuations. When selection, please compare the laptop charger replacement from more merchants and make a decision in the end.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, April 26, 2011

As CRM system has been popularized on a large scale, more and more enterprises have realized the importance of customer relationship. Speaking of e-commerce, Dell is regarded as a leader in the electronic industry who has been imitated frequently by small business.

View from customers

Compared to in traditional markets, online customers have more initiative so that they can get price comparison, reviews from other customers and other useful information about products. Obviously, these normal contents can no longer satisfy the users while the winner is who that can provide the customers more humanized things.

Get a win-win succeed

Get a win-win succeed

Based on customer-focused business strategy, it is of great significance to supply our customers more profits. As long as they are able to be benefited enough, they will stay longer in our website and even recommend to others. On the other hand, if we have fully researched on customer requirements, it can also save us from the cost of stock and produce according to seasons and user features.

Optimized technical support

Optimized technical support

CRM system is really a huge database, including pre-sale and after-sales. We should deal with all sorts of information, like customer basic information, deals, reviews, FAQ and call center. And we should transfer the data into our business model by the theory of administration psychology, consumptive psychology, statistics, market research and so on. It is the powerful database that helps Dell to get a great succeed from excellent after-sale service and technical support.

Even though some software and CRM system are effective, it is unreasonable to ignore the interpersonal relationships. In terms of call center customers service, online communication, social media and other channels, it is necessary for us to spend more time and money on Listen to the customer's opinions and establish a mutual dialogue mechanism by more cares and commitments.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, April 25, 2011

As to mobile phone and digital camera, most of users are accustomed to get a new battery replacement. However, as to laptop, only a few of them have a replacement for laptop. It is truth that laptop battery is more expensive, but when we come across power failure, the loss may be more serious. What the hell is the root cause?

Someone has told that he doesn’t matter if he has laptop battery or not as he usually works with charger connected. Of course, you can live free from battery as long as there’s suitable external power supply available. But as to more and more users, especially for businessmen who need to run around, laptop batteries of short last time are possible to kill them.

Generally speaking, if using in normal situations, most of users need to go for another battery replacement for laptop. Even though the computer is in good condition and enough configuration, it cannot get enough energy if no charger is available.

battery capacity limitation

In addition to damage, capacity limitation is another key point for us to buy a battery replacement for laptop.

It is universally known that laptop computer cannot last so long enough as other consumer electronics. Except for netbook, few laptops are likely to last for more than 8 hours. If we have to play the programs of higher consumption, the run time is even shorter. Obviously, we still cannot get rid of the support from laptop charger.

What we should pay attention when selecting a new battery replacement for laptop?

battery replacement for laptop, laptop battery

1. Specifications: Such as output voltage and current, if you are not satisfied with your original laptop battery last time, a higher capacity replacement is a good choice. Usually such a high-capacity battery has higher output current.

2. Lithium-ion cells brand and quality: Please pay attention if they have provided you quality cells, which can be figured out from specifications and actual performance. Usually, they perform different from each merchants and please compared to your original laptop battery first.

3. Shell appearance (includes color, interface, texture and workmanship)

4. Sales price: It is unreasonable to buy a compatible laptop battery more expensive than original one while a replacement of lower price than laptop charger is also worthless.

5. Warranty and after-sale service: Never purchase a battery replacement for laptop with warranty of less than one full year.

6. Maintenance: Laptop battery is one of the most sensible accessories. If you want to extend its lifespan, maintenance in daily use is also very important.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, April 24, 2011

It is common for nearly all the laptop chargers to have different sections, like 65W AC adapter and 90W AC adapter. As is known to all, laptop charger of higher capacity charges faster and can provide more output current at the same voltage. But are all the users in need of high-capacity one while can they figure out the actual difference?

laptop charger, high running rate, high consumption

If you have to run a large amount of programs by high consumption, high-capacity laptop charger is necessary. People who are involved in IT relevant positions have experienced that it is harder for them to complete the tasks on laptop than desktop computer. Among all the factors, the output power of laptop charger is the key that cannot be ignored. Not only these running programs, external devices and accessories, but also the internal memory is closely related to laptop charger. Obviously, 120W laptop charger will offer us a laptop of higher running rate.

high-capacity lapotp battery, high-capacity laptop charger

High-capacity laptop battery needs a high-capacity laptop charger. Just like couples, laptop accessories, especially for power supportive ones, should have perfect matching consistency. Are you willing to charge the battery for a whole night? In addition, if laptop battery is available during your work, such part of power energy is bound to be consumed by battery so that other parts can enjoy less. Thereby, please think seriously which one is what you need.

high electricity bill

Anyway, 120W laptop charger usually consumes much more power energy and provides you a high electricity bill. Due to its higher output current, such a 120 AC adapter must have consumed double to 60W AC adapter. When they are not in use and plugged into outlet, the internal circuits are discharging and consuming. Please consider about electricity expense when working on laptop and selecting a new laptop charger replacement.

How to select? It depends on your real requirements. For personal use, business work or entertainment, there’s always a suitable one for you.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, April 21, 2011

To thank new and old customers and celebrate the increasing market share, USB Phone World has started our largest promotion in the history. Any product like laptop battery, AC adapter, digital camera battery and Skype phone is included and people from all the corners are welcomed.

About 10% Saving code: USB200810

10% off, usb phone world

Such a discount is available to any product with no minimum purchase required. It is really very lucky for you to find this 10% off code here. As to old customers, we want to let you know about this promotion activity as soon as possible.

As is known to all, USB Phone World is famous for high cost performance and provide the lowest price in laptop battery, AC adapter and Skype phone in Nextag, Google shopping and other platforms. Such a full-court discount is another gift to all the online users. Even so, any additional service like 1 full year warranty and after-sale service is still given to you. Never miss this fighting chance.

About 15% Saving code: USB200815

15% off, usb phone world

Such a discount is limited for minimum purchase $200 and more. If you are a small business buyer, I believe you won’t find another online store with such a low sales price and high quality.

As to personal users, don’t worry. Such an opportunity of 15% off is also available to you and we recommend you to cooperate with your family members, colleagues and friends. After all, all sorts of electronic products, including laptop battery, laptop charger, digital camera battery, laptop power cord, Skype phone, earphone and so on.

For further information about promotion and duration, please follow us in Twitter and Facebook, Or you can contact us by 1-800-631-8153. You are bound to get more and more surprises there! Go ahead and like us, thank you so much!

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I believe that no one wants to face up to a cold board without any friendly regards or interactions there. No matter it is in living area or business office, cooperation has played a more and more important role. However, what about the marketing skills and business communication?

notice board

Here, you are located in USB Phone World blog while many news, lessons, stories and relevant information are available. Maybe you are familiar to me and regard me as an editor for USB Phone World. Maybe you consider me as a window to learn more clearly about our website and even the whole industry. Maybe you are only enjoying my voice style. Whatever, I am never a simple webpage of notice board but a living editor, the image of USB Phone World.

Accordingly, in the process of promotion and other activities, profits and benefits should also cooperate with interaction and express our enterprise culture via some marketing skills.

Above all, each large brand has a unique image in our minds based on its advantages, additional features and spokesperson. Obviously, it is the position and a sense of culture of a company in each area of business.

ipod of Apple, image, enterprise culture

The relationship between merchants and customers are no longer pure sales and purchasing. Such as Apple, we appreciate its elaborate appearance, fruitful functions and high-quality accessories. But after a long time, these factors are no longer the most important for us to select the object products. Even though others can provide a better laptop computer by higher technologies, these Apple fans are hard to betray. What’s the potential power?

So, if you are also a member of small business, target market for you is just like a social circle, including customers, potential users, competitors and venders. Do you think what they care more about you, looks, figure, background, economic position, literary or sense of humor. Actually, all these are not allowed to be ignored.

There is no doubt that before getting profits, devotion and cooperation is of greater significance to gain a foothold in growing market. What kind of image do you want to be in others’ eyes?

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, April 18, 2011

How long have you started your business and what about the retained profits? Maybe you are satisfied with sales volume of this month, but in the face of administrative expenses, you may be disappointed. Actually, most of us have never realized the importance of these details while they have spent a large part in business cost.

If you don’t want to such a predicament has consumed your profits, please follow us to figure out some effective solutions.

skype phone

1. Save money from telephone rate. Comparatively, it seems to be the most nerve-wracking parts for administrative expenses. After all, small business has to rely on the telephones or mobile phones to get more new customers and deals. Although online communication tools are available, it is impossible to get rid of telephones. Maybe you can try VOIP Skype phone in your office. I believe most of you have used and enjoyed Skype for a long time and the phone can not only complete the connection with telephone and Skype message, but calls between telephones and Skype phone as well. So is mobile phone. In addition, you can get a normal telephone number for your Skype phone by very low cost.

laptop charger

2. Help the charger to consume less power energy. Power fare is regarded as the second troubles in small business cost. Who is to be blamed? Obviously, they are the chargers. You might have heard of battery saving mode in mobile phone, light bulb and laptop computer. If you have taken advantages of these modes in daily work, whether mobile phone or laptop charger, it is useless to spend the cost in these useless details. Meanwhile, energy-saving methods are also beneficial to the devices due to low pressure work situations.

air conditioning

3. Maybe you don’t need a very strong air conditioning in summer. The summer is really unbearable. Even if we can put up with high temperature for a while, it is dangerous to electronic products. And we have to spend more on replacements. Don’t worry. Supposed these devices can work under lower temperature, both of you can enjoy the lower air conditioning temperature. As is exemplified by laptop battery, high-capacity ones have better ability to support more programs. However, with more internal resistances, heat is increasing and increasing. Except for energy-saving mode, cooling fan inside is also important. If possible, please put these accessories to the places contact more with the air. Such as laptop charger, you should put it by side instead of laying flat.

As a matter of fact, you can figure out more clues about how to cut down expenditures from details. They are not the core value but have great significance to small business.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, April 17, 2011

You might be confused how could my laptop battery last for such a long time without charging at all. Is it false or lies? No, it has just occurred to me last week.

To be sure, I haven’t unplugged the laptop power cord from my computer at that moment, but the indicator showed us that the battery has never been charged in the process of working. Someone asked me that how come did lithium-ion laptop batteries work without discharging, especially when all the programs were running?

laptop battery, not charging

Actually, the work principle of laptop battery charging is blind to users to a great extent while it is still uncertain if keep plugging is harmful.

Thereby, I go and check the setting options of the batteries. According to fault settings, normally, it won’t start charging until the remaining power energy is below 96%. Without doubt, if you have set the value lower, it will be longer for us to be recharged. Meanwhile, as long as charger is available, laptop computer gets power energy from external power supply instead of the lithium-ion batteries.

That is to say, in that day, only the internal circuits of laptop battery are consuming while other external factors have little effects on battery discharging. It is asked frequently that whether or not the batteries will reduce the lifespan if not removed from external power supply. Since recharging cycles are the standards to indicate the consumption and performance, each of us wants to decrease used and improve the last time.

On the other hand, if the remaining power energy is lower than 96% or other setting values, what will happen? Obviously, laptop AC adapter has to provide the battery enough power energy until it is fully charged. At the same time, other programs can keep working from another part of energy.

Compared to computers turned off, it costs much more time to fully charge laptop battery on working. Some of users may think it is caused by consumption. It is truth, but the consumption has not reached the batteries but chargers instead. When the output voltage and current are separated, the power energy available to laptop battery will be reduced so that we have to charge for longer time.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Are you the people who have never heard about activation or having no experience in actual operation? If so, you should start to worry about your battery in performance, especially for lithium-ion batteries.

A simple experiment can tell you about the truth and potential work principle.

uncharged battery

Please fully charge your laptop, digital or other lithium-ion battery and record the indicated run time. Then remove the charger from devices. If possible, try to take a full use of electronic products to consume all the power energy inside. Not until deep discharging is completed can you recharge the batteries again. After fully charged again, please compare the former and later indicated run time. If these two figures come to have a great difference from each other, it is obviously that you have lost the actual power energy for the lack of activation.

As a matter of fact, such an operation has completed only a part of activation. By charging and discharging for three times, the indicated capacity will be the closest to the reality. However, some businessmen are considering that it must have to spend them a lot time from the busy schedule. Don’t worry about it at first. Please let me offer you a good idea.

fully charge battery, full capacity, maximum power energy

Do you have to go for meeting or negotiation outside frequently in daily work? What do you do before leaving the office usually? Check for prepared files, confirm the data and fully charging your laptop computer. Yes, at that moment, you can have a speech, look for updated news and deal with other projects in your computer. Maybe it is really a good chance to complete activation naturally. And each time, you will figure out your run time has become longer and longer. Is that amazing?

So is mobile phone, digital camera and other electronics. Of course, never have a deep discharging or overcharging too frequently, which will overreach yourself. After all, recharging cycles are the basic standards to calculate the lifespan of lithium-ion batteries. But activation is exception. As all the indicating system for lithium-ion battery should adjust regularly so as to learn about the actual internal capacity more correctly. That is why we can recover power energy in reality by such an operation.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Speaking of after-sale services, it is always the core value of USB Phone World business over the long run. We try to provide our customers more useful information about our products, new technologies and FAQ to solve problems as much as possible. Competitive as the present is, there is no doubt that customer service has no reason to be ignored even though we have high-quality laptop batteries and AC adapters.

To develop into a new stage in the market, my colleagues and I have taken a lot of time on customer reviews, incoming calls, messages and information from other channels. Whether you realize it or not, most of users can forgive suppliers who have made some small mistakes but it is hard for them to accept a bad customer service.

In the process of career builder, USB Phone World has summarized the primary aspects of customer service.

customer service, usb phone world

1. Reaction time. If you are purchasing some new products you haven’t used before or new online stores, it is bound to make you more anxiety in the face of unexpected conditions. Of course, it may be caused by unknown to additional functions. But we usually want the suppliers can help us to deal with as soon as possible. Obviously, the slow response can annoy our new customers seriously. Maybe apologize is effective for both late and busy. You can tell him that the problems need to be checked by technicists and recalled him once you have any free time.

2. The position and voice of customer service. From a project of service class, a teacher has told me that we should try to use the speaking style of our customers. That is to say, no matter for a calls or news, it is of great significance to stand in customer's position. If he asks you about laptop charger, you have to answer him by laptop charger instead of AC adapter.

3. Professional attitude towards crisis and problems. When our users are angry, on no account can we express happiness. Meanwhile, calmness is necessary when they are upset. After all, as a professional customer service, USB Phone World has experienced all sorts of problems before while the calm attitude can release them from worries to some extent.

4. How to help users to figure out the root causes? In reality, no one wants to hear about explanation from merchants even if it is the truth. That is to say, if possible, USB Phone World tries to help them to realize the causes by themselves. For example, if he hasn’t activated his laptop battery for months, he is likely to lose some actual power energy. The best way is to let him activate his battery by charging and discharging for several times instead of explaining about the work principle at first. In the process of operation, most of users can realize the reasons of power energy and standby time reduction.

5. Prevent from rival of harassment. The item is voted to be the most difficult one in the market. After all, for both small business and large corporations, we are all surviving in the competition. In my point of view, if we can create some unique advantages that are out of our competitors, we can avoid much more conflicts while there’s no absolute condition. From another hand, crisis is not only a pure damage but a new brilliant opportunity to USB Phone World. In some cases, our competitors’ interference has helped us to establish the new market by related PR skills.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, April 11, 2011

As an online store for several years, we have taken advantage of various software to analysis, optimization and manage customer's records. It is funny that compared to successful experiences, the software with some problems have helped us more in the process of development.

online store, software

Effective analyzing tools, as is exemplified by PPC project, are rare on the Internet nowadays. After scrabbling about for its Google regulation and work principle for a long time, one day we occasionally discovered a new online tool to calculate the ROI and other factors, which is claimed to be the most efficient one for PPC.

With the mentality is dubious, I decided to try even if the software is still in vain. It is truth that the designer has spent a lot of time on all aspects of PPC project and conditions in the market. However, we gradually figured out that we had to spend much more hours on dealing with the data instead of taking further actions so that we have missed the best opportunity to beat the competitors. After all, as to those temporary marking projects, the key skills are about rapid reaction and accurate analysis. Only by good timing, geographical convenience and good human relations can we get the highest cost-performance profits.

From this experience, we are falling in to place that nothing is more important than actual requirements and suitable application. Online store has provided users convenience to search for what they want, compare the price, read other reviews and contact with customer service directly. Meanwhile, as for online store suppliers, the advantages from information are more obviously.

Just like an online store should have its own unique style and position, an integrated management system has great significance to deal with the software and applications. If all the data can connect with each other perfectly, it can not only save us a lot of time on deal with data, but can also prevent us from the mistakes and conflicting between the software.

Have you got any conception about your online store and application of software? Maybe a bright one has already existed in your mind at present.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, April 10, 2011

When your laptop is indicated to be lack of power energy, what will you do next? According to statistics, most of us are going to plug the charger consciously or unconsciously. Maybe we are used to the process of charging and discharging, which has been completed for thousands of times before. But how can we have such a great confidence on laptop battery?

Windows 7 has ever caused power energy reduction seriously while it is said to be the mistakes of indicator system which has surprised us a lot. We rely on the software to handle with battery working regulations, to optimize the performance of hard disk and internal memory, and to show the situations of laptop battery and other devices. No matter for what, there’s no suitable reason for us to doubt about its accuracy.

laptop battery indicator, windows 7

Of course, it is the indicator instead of batteries that should be blamed by Windows 7 accidents. The internal structure of laptop battery is unavailable so that the battery management system is the only window for us to learn about the performance.

But why can’t the system indicate the batteries correctly? Who is the prime criminal, error in the procedure or temporary faults?

Have you ever remembered that Ni-mh and Ni-cd laptop batteries are popular before Lithium-ion ones are released. At that moment, we have to activate them frequently to get rid of memory effect. However, after taking use of Lithium-ion laptop battery, only a few of users continue activating regularly due to little memory effect inside.

It is truth that protection circuit has not only solved the problem of memory effect but also makes laptop battery more security than ever. But it doesn’t mean that activation is useless. Actually, when the indicator is accustomed to work under short standby time or use time, even if there’s some energy inside, the warning is likely to issue no electricity.

Lithium-ion laptop battery is really a good liar that cheated all of us for years. If possible, please try on your replaced batteries by such an operation if they are still available. The truth is on the front of you.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, April 7, 2011

As a unique laptop computer manufacture, Dell has occupied the market share online for years with low price. To save the cost, the after-sale service of Dell was outsourcing to a third-party agency which had aroused different kinds of problems in user experience.

dell, service, solution center

Recently, Dell declares that they decide to expand the investment on total solutions and services for new technologies. Meanwhile, several buildings for next generation clouds data center are included in their strategy that can provide high-capacity and efficient service. In addition, Dell will found about 12 global solution center and 10 followed in the next 18 months.

It is universally known that both laptop software and hardware have to be confronted with new challenges from higher requirements and competitive market in the next era. Both HP and Apple have purchased and researched on couples of patents and technologies. Any oversight is likely to leave Dell behind to a great extent.

As one of the most popular PC manufacturers in the world, on no account can Dell await its doom without any kill swords. After all, in the process of development history, all sorts of challenges have offered Dell experience on customers and competitors by both success and failure.

Compared to theories and technologies, the key point is located more on related service and solutions. In the history, great amount of new devices haven’t influenced the market powerfully enough due to poor service and resources equipped. That is why Apple has expanded its market share in such a short time.

As to most of new customers, a problem to meet with is how to deal with the new additional functions and if they are necessary. We have talked about solar and universal Dell AC adapter before in order to observe the tendency of PC market. It is proved that it depends on marketing skills and services to determine the winner of these new technologies. The strategy to focus on local small business is just the advantages to win the hearts of potential users and enjoy their products.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Recently, Japan continues to discharge the sewage containing radiation, which has aroused all sorts of challenges and comments in the society. Even so, as is reported by Aften Posten, the share price of solar energy in USA comes to increase gradually.

solar energy, nuclear radiation

It is truth that the earth has influenced seriously by nuclear energy, nuclear weapon and power included. In the past, we believe that the development of such technologies have saved us a lot time and natural resources in daily life. But it seems we have suffered more by environmental pollution.

Although nuclear energy is limited nowadays, the whole world has never reduced their requirements in power resources. These days, more and more investors have come down to solar energy area. Such as REC, their products like polycrystalline silicon wafer, PV, solar batteries and other applied materials. Its share price has increased by about 10 percent last month while it is regarded to continue growing up in the next few months.

Comparatively, renewable energy sources, wind and solar technologies, are likely to have better development situations. Solar batteries can not only save more electricity and natural resources but it is friendly to our living conditions as well.

The sunlight can reach nearly each place of our earth. No matter you are on the sea or in a small island, there’s no need to worry if enough sunlight is available. As a matter of fact, solar energy is one of the cleanest energies in the world. Others like petroleum and coal mine have already damaged our environment seriously instead of reduction with time goes by.

Furthermore, solar radiation can produce nearly 1.3 million times to coal and regarded as the largest natural resources in the world. According to current developing rate, the storage is enough for our earth to us for billions of years.

Anyway, the technologies and costs of solar energy are still at a very high level, which is impossible to popularize in a great range, especially in some developing countries. If solar batteries are available to us is just a matter of time.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Every day, we are used to turn on the laptop computer and start our one-day business journey by e-mail, meeting and other deals. As to some of users, it is normal for them to keep AC adapter on in the process of working and even for after-hours without anything unusual appeared.

Several days ago, my colleague told me that his laptop computer battery could only last for about 10 minutes which surprised him and me a lot. Although I have discussed about recharging cycles consumption and lifespan frequently here by experience, observation and analysis. But in reality, such a serious accident is rare to me.

Before occurring, all of us used to plug the chargers in outlets and never remove the laptop batteries. Of course, to save electricity, a few of us have habits to turn off the switch button of socket or unplug the AC adapter while some of us don’t. After all, as long as external power supply is available, it continues to charge the batteries all the day.

Even so, does it mean that it is the laptop AC adapter that damages laptop computer battery in performance?

The work principle of laptop batteries – As is known to all, the standby time is related to all the options of display, including screen brightness, running programs and other characteristics. That is why, in different situations, the standby time performs definitely different. Similarly, when there’s an external laptop AC adapter can also be regarded as a device playing according to system options.

optimize laptop computer battery by display settings

In the Control Panel, we are available to edit power plan settings in Power Options of Hardware and Sound. From the image as above, it is efficient to save electricity automatically by display conditions. And then click to change advanced power settings.

power options for laptop comptuer battery

And then we can see all sorts of options about power plans. It is said that there’s no the best plan but the most suitable one for you. We recommend you to setting the Minimum processor state to 6 percent when plugged in and 10 percent on battery if you are shuttling between battery and other outside places. Thereby, the recharging cycles will be consumed less and standby time as well.

The premise of success maintenance is based on correct indicating of laptop computer battery power energy and performance. Please take use of method that activation to revise the actual characteristics and check if the battery power management performs normal. Only five minutes can save your laptop computer battery from crisis. Never be blind of it before serious accidents occur.

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by: USB Phone World
Friday, April 1, 2011

Since the movie “2012” and continued disasters occurred, the whole world is worried about solar storms. As to solar and PV industry, some analysts have discussed about the price and next solar holocaust in 2012.

According to an industry report, German Renewable Energy Sources Act is going to have an inspection about 2011 and they elimate that the worst condition to 2012 may be only 3GW capacity exist in the solar market. As to solar batteries, the whole market has reduced about 6.8GW this year which is 40 percent to last year.

PV market report from 2009 to 2012

Traced back to 2010, laptop batteries are expected to enter into new era by PV technologies. At that moment, the CEO of EuPD Research has talked in Berlin that if there will be global solar energy maket. In 2010, the market share of Germany has occupied about 55 percent of the whole world.

It is said that only when the industry has reached 54GW in 2020, set by National Renewable Energy Action Plan, that 3GW market is regarded to be touched the top. However, based on the current rate, if 2011 can improve to 25GW, the increasing is only 3GW per year.

PV market Research from 2009 to 2012

Even so, many other analysts also believe that it can develop rapidly in the other regions. GTM Research thinks that the requirements of 2011 will be 15GW, 6 percent to last year. And after 2012, the rising will be 17 or 19 percent, especially in some developing countries, solar laptop batteries are hopeful to arouse more attractions.

In December of 2010, Barclays Capital US Clean Technology Report has pointed out that USA is developing much faster than Germany in PV industry, whose volume and requirements are expected to exceed German. First Solar predicted that North America would be their largest market in 2011. SunPower predicted that his market of North America could have increased by 40 percent. So is Suntech. It is obviously that most of large enterprises of solar batteries have significant confidence this year.

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by: USB Phone World