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Monday, April 11, 2011

As an online store for several years, we have taken advantage of various software to analysis, optimization and manage customer's records. It is funny that compared to successful experiences, the software with some problems have helped us more in the process of development.

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Effective analyzing tools, as is exemplified by PPC project, are rare on the Internet nowadays. After scrabbling about for its Google regulation and work principle for a long time, one day we occasionally discovered a new online tool to calculate the ROI and other factors, which is claimed to be the most efficient one for PPC.

With the mentality is dubious, I decided to try even if the software is still in vain. It is truth that the designer has spent a lot of time on all aspects of PPC project and conditions in the market. However, we gradually figured out that we had to spend much more hours on dealing with the data instead of taking further actions so that we have missed the best opportunity to beat the competitors. After all, as to those temporary marking projects, the key skills are about rapid reaction and accurate analysis. Only by good timing, geographical convenience and good human relations can we get the highest cost-performance profits.

From this experience, we are falling in to place that nothing is more important than actual requirements and suitable application. Online store has provided users convenience to search for what they want, compare the price, read other reviews and contact with customer service directly. Meanwhile, as for online store suppliers, the advantages from information are more obviously.

Just like an online store should have its own unique style and position, an integrated management system has great significance to deal with the software and applications. If all the data can connect with each other perfectly, it can not only save us a lot of time on deal with data, but can also prevent us from the mistakes and conflicting between the software.

Have you got any conception about your online store and application of software? Maybe a bright one has already existed in your mind at present.

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