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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Every day, we are used to turn on the laptop computer and start our one-day business journey by e-mail, meeting and other deals. As to some of users, it is normal for them to keep AC adapter on in the process of working and even for after-hours without anything unusual appeared.

Several days ago, my colleague told me that his laptop computer battery could only last for about 10 minutes which surprised him and me a lot. Although I have discussed about recharging cycles consumption and lifespan frequently here by experience, observation and analysis. But in reality, such a serious accident is rare to me.

Before occurring, all of us used to plug the chargers in outlets and never remove the laptop batteries. Of course, to save electricity, a few of us have habits to turn off the switch button of socket or unplug the AC adapter while some of us don’t. After all, as long as external power supply is available, it continues to charge the batteries all the day.

Even so, does it mean that it is the laptop AC adapter that damages laptop computer battery in performance?

The work principle of laptop batteries – As is known to all, the standby time is related to all the options of display, including screen brightness, running programs and other characteristics. That is why, in different situations, the standby time performs definitely different. Similarly, when there’s an external laptop AC adapter can also be regarded as a device playing according to system options.

optimize laptop computer battery by display settings

In the Control Panel, we are available to edit power plan settings in Power Options of Hardware and Sound. From the image as above, it is efficient to save electricity automatically by display conditions. And then click to change advanced power settings.

power options for laptop comptuer battery

And then we can see all sorts of options about power plans. It is said that there’s no the best plan but the most suitable one for you. We recommend you to setting the Minimum processor state to 6 percent when plugged in and 10 percent on battery if you are shuttling between battery and other outside places. Thereby, the recharging cycles will be consumed less and standby time as well.

The premise of success maintenance is based on correct indicating of laptop computer battery power energy and performance. Please take use of method that activation to revise the actual characteristics and check if the battery power management performs normal. Only five minutes can save your laptop computer battery from crisis. Never be blind of it before serious accidents occur.

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