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Thursday, March 24, 2011

There’s no denying that the electronics industry has been influenced by Japanese Earthquake to a great extent, including vehicle, polysilicon and chips. To be sure, as a core value of high technologies, Japan has come down to all corners of consumer electronics of major brands. Even so, a top executive of Dell claims that Dell has not influenced by such an accident at listent.

As a matter of fact, many manufacturers have suffered from fracture in supply chain. However, such consequence has not occurred to Dell yet. After all, these cycles of Dell manufacturer have not located in hit areas. Battery for Dell laptop has its own techniques in design and internal structure.


Paul Bell, global supervisor of public sector business said that the major influences of external situations are come from lower requirements in Japan instead of supply chain. It is obviously that Dell is of all confidence to win in this crisis.

After magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami triggered happened in Japan, American market research iSuppli has reported that Japan has covered about one-fifth of semiconductor and 14 percent of electronic manufacturing equipments. Such a figure is really powerful as to any developed countries in the world while the damnify has involved in iPhone and other devices.

Bell also said that exhausting in financial retrenchment policies, Dell will continue be confronted with straits in public sector business in Europe. As is asked if the conditions will be worse, he said that the changes won’t be so fast by similar situations.

In addition to these external factors, Dell has its own unique advantages in new high technologies and increasing service items. Nowadays, enterprise users still hope to invest in IT areas by changing PCs and servers.

Comment: Except for Japan area, Dell has related to many other factors in business. That is to say, if Dell is influenced by Japanese earthquake depends on the differences to other external situations. Especially for Dell AC laptop adapter and battery for Dell laptop, these accessories have larger connection to Japan manufacturers, such as lithium-ion cells. Anyway, the reality can tell all. Just wait and see.

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