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Thursday, March 10, 2011

As a matter of fact, the whole industry of solar electronic products is still in chaos phase while both technologies and materials are being tested on finished batteries. To improve the actual performance, Enli Tech has designed a spectral response measurement system based on measuring management procedure of IEC and NREL.

According to solar laptop battery quantum efficiency, this new tool is effective to improve the work efficiency and charge rate of laptop computer and it has good performance in stability and data reproducibility. It is really a great leap to update solar electronic products from sustained conditions.

At present, adopted by all sorts of researching units and photoelectric giants, this tool has already been taken into use in some European countries. In the whole industry, except for polysilicon and internal structure, no high-tech external tools are available to check on the current performance of solar laptop battery, which has provided Enli Tech a good opportunity to popularize its market share and terminal users.

In addition, they also offer another integrated service of optical measurement systems to ensure this new tool can keep working in good situations. After all, solar laptop battery is definitely different from normal batteries in work principle, energy resources and storage. All these have changed the way of charging and even output power.

Supposed this method can only figure out the similar specifications of Li-Ion laptop battery instead of additional functions like transformation and photosensitivity, the key figures and features are still uncertain by users. Meanwhile, due to complex circuit and updated materials, Enli Tech is always in the process of developing and researching to meet all sorts of potential requirements by patch software and after-sale service.

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