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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

As the Steve Jobs left, many people come to pay more attentions to the development of iPhone and publishing of iPhone 5. There’s no denying that iPhone 4 has already got a great revolution in the storage space. According to the news, iPhone 5 is likely to reach 64GB.

Recently, Toshiba has updated the workmanship of flash memory chip by 24 nano technology. The latest Smart NAND series products taken use of this technology are likely to be a part of iPhone 5. That is to say, as long as thus flash memory has been applied, the 64GB storage space will be realized.

24 nano flash technology, Toshiba

Based on 24 nano technology, the maximum chip storage space can reach 64GB, adapted to media player, tablet computer and other consumer electronics. Except for the larger storage capacity, this new chip has also improved the speed of reading and writing the data in the memory controller. All these chips can support the functions of ECC (error check and correction), which can relief the MPU main processor from data checking burdens.

The capacity of SmartNAND series chips varied from 4GB to 64GB. The versions, including 4GB, 8GB and 16GB has been released in April and May while the 32GB and 64GB versions will be brought into mass production from now on.

iphone 5, storage space, 64gb

This news about Toshiba new flash memory has also proved that iPhone 5 will be equipped with 64GB storage space. Before then, someone has predicted that iPhone 4 will be with 64GB storage space. With the closing of iPhone 5 publishing, I think it is more likely to wait for a 64GB new version.

When the cell phone system is updating frequently at present, the chips need to be optimized and expanded in time to meet with the requirements of increasing applications and higher configurations. I hope Toshiba can bring us a different high-performance iPhone 5 by 24 nano flash technology.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We have already heard of solar battery, super capacitor and lithium-ion laptop battery. However, I haven’t heard or imagined that virus can be applied into the internal structure of batteries. And the truth is that someone has successfully completed such a concept in reality.

According to the researchers from MIT, they said that they have discovered a sort of live virus and it will be applied into the anode of dye sensitized solar cells. In the process, carbon nanotubes of high conductivity are necessary to be installed in to the cells. The effect is that the battery efficiency can be improved by at least one third.

battery, efficiency

Dye sensitized solar battery is a kind of photoelectric chemical system, produced by semiconductor components materials between photosensitive positive electrode and electrolyte. The titanium dioxide covered by dye is able to absorb sunlight and release the electronics to anode.

After that, those electronics will be got together to drive the loads and return back from cathode to electrolyte. The whole process will continue by cycling. The researchers of MIT has also reported that as long as the carbon nano tube and anode can be connected by virus, the power energy conversion can reach more than 10.6 percent instead of below 8 percent any more.

solar battery, virus

The professor Angela Belcher has proved that the M13 virus can spur the development of film battery by stimulating hydrogen economy. This achievement by virus to extract nanotube inside the solar cells has the ability to avoid short circuit. Each virus can absorb 10 nanotubes in the area of about 300 peptide molecules.

If such a new technology has also been completed successfully out of the laboratory, the solar battery will be input into the market in this year. And it is predicted that the market share can be more than 259 billion dollars up to 2016.

It is evidently that such a solar laptop battery by virus is not only a great breakthrough to battery industry, but will be related to other consumer electronics, hybrid electric vehicles and environmental protection areas as well. Such a new technology has brought us more about battery efficiency and a fresh perspective whether it will be realized or not.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, August 29, 2011

Tracking back into the history, Apple products are all located in high-end stage and supplied to high-end customers. However, someone has said that the most obviously advantage for iPhone is that it is available to more normal users.

Actually, when selecting a new consumer electronic, we used to consider of cost performance and our own requirements at first. That is why HP has become the largest PC suppliers once upon a time. However, nowadays, HP has to give up their PC business department while Apple has reached the top of the industry. What the hell is the reality?

In the past, businessmen prefer to Thinkpad laptop computers that are the symbols of professional senior elite. Certainly, Thinkpad notebooks have got high configuration, precise design, good appearance and stable internal structure. Especially for T series, the titanium alloy enclosure is a unique design in the world. Even if it is not related to the technologies a lot, many businessmen is favor of thus Thinkpad laptop computers at that moment.

apple macbook pro

Comparatively, the success of Apple is similar. Previously, it is expensive and luxurious to be an enthusiastic fan of Apple. Only those fashion followers, designers and innovative high-end customers have selected Apple Macbook, Powerbook and other devices.

However, the policy of Steve Jobs has brought us a new revolution in the industry with iPhone, iPad and iTouch. All these consumer electronics are very popular in the whole world while more and more users have participated into the queue of Apple even if they are more expensive than the traditional products.

steve jobs, apple, iPad

It is just a new culture from Apple. Since we have suffered from financial crisis, we are no longer prosperous while we have to consider of cost performance. At that time, Jobs has initiated to create the market for Apple by iPhone. When the sense of identity has arrived with a reasonable price, many businessmen who have got bright past or pursue for high-level lifestyle has come to Apple. And the birth of iPad is another revolution to computers. Actually, other Tablet PC manufacturers are really hard to surpass iPad according to the current market situation. It is not a business of configuration, technologies or price but a new culture.

Apple has brought us to a new world filled with spirits and culture. I think it is a theme many large brands of laptops have to study seriously.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, August 28, 2011

Have you ever complained about charging for your iPhone every single day? Recently, some domestic researchers have invented a new equipment that can charge cell phone, MP3, laptop computer and other consumer electronics by walking. That is to say, users don’t need to spend more time on charging any more.

A few days ago, two professors in the University of Wisconsin has released a report about this walking charging device and its details.

human kinetic energy, charging

As a matter of fact, such an idea doesn’t appear to us for the first time. But in reality, they seem to be inefficient in operation and lack of enough power energy. Comparatively, these two professors have created a new energy collection technology, reverse electrowetting that can improve the performance in a great range. By the advantage of voltage, electrowetting can change the appearance of droplets on the surface while they can also take use of this work principle to convert the power energy into electric energy.

This new charger is similar to a layer of the insole. After putting them into shoes, users can walk and charge the cell phone and laptop computer with enough power energy momentarily.

shoes charger, usb interface

However, how to solve the problems of power cable and interface? In the past, someone has put forward that it is necessary to get a USB interface and cable to connect with shoes. Evidently, it will be not so convenient in reality. For this reason, two professors have turned to wireless sensor to connect with power generation assembly and charge normally. They are now negotiating with some suppliers and shoemaking enterprise to establish an enterprise and make this technology commercialized as soon as possible.

People are always hoping to charge the laptop computer, cell phone and other consumer electronics at any place and any time. Although we have sockets and outlets in most of places, it is evidently that walking charging is one of the most convenient ways to us. Of course, we are also worrying about the real security, stability and if it can supply enough power energy in voltage, wattage and current.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, August 25, 2011

Have you already bought a high-capacity battery but not last for long enough? Or does your battery come to be reduced in standby time and capacity to a great extent? It is reported by the industry that more than 30% laptop batteries cannot last for more than even one hour. Who has swallowed the power energy?

laptop battery, standby time

WiFi and other wireless devices

Nowadays, more and more laptop computers are able to support Bluetooth and WiFi. Under normal circumstance, they will be in work once the computer is power on. According to the report, Bluetooth devices can consume about 1W for one device. Although it is not very high by the appearance, users can search for more from the surroundings so as to reduce the standby time rapidly. So is WiFi. If it is not in use, please close it and you can save about more than half an hour.

power energy, laptop battery

Power management programs

At present, many laptop users have installed a power management program in the system to adjust from diverse power mode by different work situations. Actually, some large brands like IBM and Sony laptops are just born with a management system. However, as to some other brands or models, if the program is not well enough or not compatible to yours, it will be out of work or even waste power energy. After all, the accidents of improper indicting information have occurred to us before.

Laptop startup boot options

As is known to all, CPU is the primary component to laptop computers while it will consume about one-third of power energy. In the process of startup, the higher occupancy rate is for CPU, the more power will be consumed. Therefore, if you can close more unused programs and items from the boot options list, it can not only improve the work efficiency but extend the standby time evidently. According to the industrial report, if CPU is in full load state, the consumption is likely to be doubled compared to normal use.

To get more power energy and last longer, please optimize your laptop system according to the instructions as above. We believe your battery, whether it is Lenovo Thinkpad, HP Compaq laptop battery or other brands, is bound to perform better than before.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In all ages, many records have been broken in this technology world. IBM has occupied the high-end computer market for a long time. Microsoft has got a very large market share for many years. And Apple has surpassed all of them to be the boss in stock market and consumer electronics industry. Even so, the history has been changed and changed frequently. That is to say, no one can monopolize the technology world.

Users are the king of this new emerging world

Obviously, the terminal users are final adjudicators to determine who can win the market share at last. As to IBM Thinkpad laptop computers, businessmen need a laptop with high-end internal structure, high configuration and honourable appearance. Students pursue for high cost performance and ladies prefer to light and slim versions.

technology, new emerging world

To be more surprised, Microsoft has occupied most of PC in the world. Even if nowadays, Apple has expanded its market to be larger and larger, no one can ignore the influence of Windows system thanks to user requirements. After all, they can be compatible to many PC computers, running programs, software and so on.

Comparatively, although Apple hasn’t achieved the good compatibility, Mac system has got its unique appearance, functions and technological process that are satisfied by many Apple fans and innovative guys. Especially for many games for Apple consumer electronics, they are popularized by terminal users in this age.

It is an age with unique culture that can select the champion.

Tablet computer has increased its influence from now on. IPad has become another new emerging product after iPhone. At the same time, Google is working hard to developing its Android system. But it is hard to determine the winner only by the technology while the culture of age can give us more useful information.

steve jobs

Evidently, Steve Jobs has already become a symbol of this age and will be written into the annals of history. They have high requirements, expectations and innovations that have not only meet the demands of high-end customers but attract many more users from new generations. Since the traditional consumer electronics have dominated for so long, we are all eager to come across a different interesting revolution. At that moment, Apple has brought us what we want just as we need to prove ourselves by Thinkpad in the past.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A few hours ago, an earthquake has occurred to Florida that is regarded as the largest earthquake in that state. In this accident, the most obviously phenomenon is just the high increasing rate of calls and e-mails. I just cannot help to consider that we need to improve the battery last time just in case.

blackberry, last time, earthquake

According to the official spokesperson of Verizon, in some places, it is just very hard to keep a call for long enough. As many people need to contact with their friends and family members, the quantity of calls has increased rapidly that is out of our imagination. Meanwhile, some those cannot establish calls decide to send e-mails and update the status in Facebook, Twitter and other social media. It is interesting that Blackberry e-mail has helped a lot of users to contact with their friends and colleagues thanks to the stability in network and security in performance.

Similarly, USB Phone World thinks that it is also necessary to supply cell phone and laptop computer a high-quality long lasting battery. And some ways to extend the cell phone and laptop battery is important for any urgent conditions. We can see that even Obama just has to rely on the cell phone to handle his official business.

obama, call, earthquake

Of course, when you need to keep contacting with your friends or family members, whether you have connected with them or not, the battery last time is the basic factor that we should consider. Comparatively, if iPhone cannot support us for long enough, it will make users to turn to Blackberry, just as they have done in this earthquake. So, as long as the lithium-ion battery is extended, we just don’t need to worry which cell phone we should take out. So is laptop computer. Users can send e-mail to colleagues, keep contacting with friends on message or tell all about your status in earthquake. They will be very convenient as long as you have a qualified lithium-ion laptop battery.

In addition, some efficient ways to extend battery last time are also valuable. At first, fully charging is the first step for users. Then please avoid turn on many programs and plug the external devices if they are not in use. Dim the screen and have a set of energy saving. All these proper usage methods can also save you more power energy evidently. If you are interested in that, please contact and keep an eye on us here.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, August 22, 2011

In the International Trade Commission today, Microsoft accused Moto for infringement in Android cell phone technologies. Whether it is the truth or speculation, it is evidently that the cell phone age is coming.

Microsoft accuse moto, google

Last year, Microsoft began to accuse Moto Android cell phone in multiple patent rights, including e-mail, calendar, contacting synchronous and so on. They claimed that the patents of wireless and video coding have taken use of their technologies of XBOX. Soon after that, Moto launched a counterattack towards Microsoft PC, Windows Mobile, XBOX products, server software and other 16 items.

Whether who will be the winner of this lawsuit, the loser has to stop selling all of their relevant products. And the final ruling will be given out in 2012.

Since Google has purchased Moto, all kinds of rumours have filled the whole market. Once Moto loses the lawsuit, it is bound to be the failure of Google. Why did Google pick up such a great gauntlet? Do they want to protect the Android system, judgment error or it is just the symbol of cell phone age exordium.

cell phone age

After Windows phone 7 has released, there’s no updated version for Windows Phone system. Some insiders have revealed that the new Windows phone is possible to be lower than Android cell phone.

Yesterday, Skype has also agreed to purchase GroupMe, a Mobile phone group chat facilitator. Obviously, it can enhance the Skype cell phone service and technologies for personal users.

Nowadays, more and more users come to browse the websites, news, chatting or shopping on the Internet by cell phones. The success of Apple has also come down to iPhone more than Macbook air while iPad is another way to absorb the merits of cell phone, to be more convenient in portability and communication.

Supposed the cell phone age has come to us, a real powerful revolution will occur eventually in the industry of hardware and software. As an accessory supplier, USB Phone World is just observing and watching the times. And even HP has given up their PC business, what will be changed in the near future?

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, August 21, 2011

Actually, in this summer, we have suffered from high temperature for a long time while it seems that it is a little bit late to talk about this method. However, confronted with many laptop computers failure, I think it is necessary to give out some effective emergency treatments.

high temperature, laptop computers

How to reduce the consumption, emission and save power energy?

At the age of low carbon and going green, we should pay more attentions to power management. As to Windows 7, there’re two modes for power options, balanced and power saver. For both modes, you take use of battery and laptop charger as power source.

Among all the laptop accessories, LCD screen is one of the biggest parts that need dissipate heat. At the same time we can be satisfied in visual requirements, it is best to dim the screen. If decreasing the waiting time of closing the screen and entering into laptop sleep mode, we can not only save more power energy but can also reduce consumption and heat from all the laptop parts that are not in use. In addition, some work temperature indicating and monitoring software are also necessary. As to game players, please rest your laptop fully if you need to play 3D games on it.

Dust extraction and radiator selection

After using the laptop computers for some periods, there’s a lot of dust built up at the air outlet. Once the heat cannot be released from inner side, high temperature will be stored in CPU, motherboard, graphics card and other hardware.

To avoid blocking, it is necessary to clear the dust. Of course, if your laptop computers are still in warranty, please take it to the suppliers to clear up, including rear cover, fan, radiating fin and replacing silicone grease. They can not only reduce the inside heat but can also improve the capacity of heat-transmission.

As to radiator, there’re many kinds of versions for reference, such as plate, wind type and Air suction type notebook radiator. We need to select according to the functions, size, power and primary materials. Among them, metal ones are the best choice as they can absorb more heat.

If you are unwilling to purchase a new radiator, there’re some small tips for you. Please put a small book under the laptop computers and keep the air outlet fully contact with outside world. Besides, laptop AC adapter should have good heat elimination if you don’t want to get more heat when receiving power energy.

At last, some methods about disk cleanup and boot start programs are also very important. All that I have given out today are only a part of resisting high temperature if you need more about laptop computer hardware news, please keep close watch on us.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yesterday, we have confirmed that HP was discussed about purchasing the second largest software company Autonomy and decided to give up the business of PC. In early times, HP has published that they would split their PC department. As the largest PC supplier once upon times, how come did they make such a surprised decision?

hp, pc

Is it related to the failure of HP tablet computer TouchPad?

tablet computer, touchpad

After HP released their Touchpad, the sales volume is very negative and a great number of tablet computers have been kept long in stock. Although they have abated the price by about 100 dollars, the sales volume is still very low. In some malls, only one-tenth of Touchpad tablet computers have been sold out.

Comparatively, the competitors, especially for Apple, have surpassed HP to a great extent. With the similar or a little higher price, iPad seems to be more popularized by terminal users. The webOS for Touchpad has been pinned great hopes by us, but the result is that it has failure with HP. Some users said in brief that it is impossible to surpass iPad. With poor battery standby time, lack of creative applications and other problems, this tablet computer is bound to fail.

Does it mean HP was moving towards declining in hardware industry?

By the appearance, the failure of tablet computer is only a part of HP, especially when they are only the new business. However, on the other hand, we can figure out many problems existed in HP hardware technology and market share.

These years, all kinds of accidents have occurred to HP, including battery recalling, flash screen, failing to turn on, burning motherboard and so on. Even though HP has got the largest customers before, it is unavoidable for HP to lose their loyal users in trusting the products quality.

It is also reported that HP is likely to sell their personal systems group, including smart phone, tablet computer, WebOS and PC.

Someone said HP should get rid of low profit industry and concentrate on the development of core competitiveness.

It is said by the analyst of New York ISI Group Abhey Lamba. He told us such a result is just what they were looking forwards. And HP is also developing towards software and expanding their cloud computing services. Nowadays, when the software industry is in the process of fast development, the phenomenon of HP is by no means an accident but an alarm bell to all of us.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Considering of the laptop computer performance, manufacturers come to talk about the configuration and components while users will tell more about their own demands and experience. But do you know that laptop battery and charger has become the determining factor from now on?

laptop battery, laptop charger

No laptop accessories and programs can perform well without a qualified charger.

Evidently, no laptop computers can live without a suitable charger whether it is Apple, Thinkpad, Dell, HP or Sony. In fact, without suitable output power, the charger is unqualified to users while it may be too weak to turn on the laptop system or other programs. In addition, poor contact is also dangerous for us to run into data loss or other failure problems.

The configurations are similar to each other while the difference is usually come down to the batteries.

As is known to all, people will pay attention to CPU, motherboard, internal memory, hard disk, screen and other factors about configurations when selecting a suitable laptop computer. With the development of technologies, these figures continue to be updated while user experience can be optimized thanks to the new technologies. However, as they are available to all the large brands, there won’t be a great difference from each other in the same times. Comparatively, the most important figure is just the battery capacity and recharging cycles.

Laptop battery and charger can determine if the computers will play fully.

Speaking of laptop performance and core parts, people might remind of the CPU and motherboard in the past. But from now on, such a viewpoint will be distracted to laptop battery and charger.

There is no denying that all these accessories and components need to consume power energy in the process of work. Especially for those updated ones with high technologies, they will consume more and is eager to have a stable work situation. For this reason, the laptop battery and charger performance has just determined if they can play fully. Meanwhile, the internal memory space and other programs effects will also fluctuate according to the received power energy.

Lifespan and actual performance of both batteries and AC adapters are the core value.

Lifespan is an eternal topic to laptop charger and battery wherever we are. After all, a long life power supply is a symbol of high quality. Moreover, the reduction performance is likely to hurt other laptop parts. So is incompatibility. Lithium-ion batteries have internal capacity and protection circuits while AC adapters have output power and switch mode. Any difference by details can create different results.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, August 16, 2011

-- After Google Has Purchased Moto

Since Google has purchased Moto, all kinds of comments have filled the whole industry these days. About the future development of Android, cell phone and tablet computer, people are discussing and making a guess at the next champion. At this moment, it reminds me of a prediction that Google is supposed to be the largest competitor to Microsoft. Will it become the reality?

google, microsoft, apple

Speaking of Apple, we can see it obviously that its market value has surpassed Microsoft and Google to be the industry giant. Even so, the Google purchasing news has just made people to be doubt about the Apple future.

By the appearance, Microsoft and Apple are both software companies while the actual threaten from Apple is not so powerful. The primary reason is regarded to the Apple closed policy. As is known to all, the main business of Microsoft is its operating platform. Comparatively, the MAC OS is only compatible to Apple PC computers. In addition, the Microsoft system has occupied many other fields like bank ATM and servers.

Under this circumstance, Google is likely to surpass Microsoft according to the recent development tendency.

In hardware, Microsoft has popular XBOX 360, external devices, cell phone and so on. In software, the Windows system, IE browser, hotmail and others have all got a very large market share. Even in search engine, the Bing has come to be popularized by more and more users. It is obviously that the business field is very similar to Google.

The most well-known business of Google is bound to the Google search engine while no one can exceed it at present. In addition, Google has also got its own PC platform, Android system, e-mail, Chrome OS, browser, tablet computer, cell phone and some other products. Especially after purchasing Moto, the advantages of cell phone and system have become more and more important. Nowadays, the Android system has not only occupied the industry of smart phones but also tablet computers and FPTV.

Although Apple may not be the largest threaten to Microsoft, we can see from the success of Apple that the innovation and user experience are bound to be the most important factor to determine the champion. Google, Apple or Microsoft, anything is possible.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, August 15, 2011

How many deals have you seen about back to school promotion? I believe it has filled the Internet and our commodity. Even so, our 30 days no payment is bound to be the most awesome deals for all public schools, including both faculty and students.

back to school, 30 days no payment, public schools

If you are a public school student or teacher, please tell your colleagues about our promotion and then contact with us directly by calling 1-800-631-8153. And you can also get a free gift from USB Phone World if you have successfully helped us to cooperate with your school, including the whole public school, school mass organizations, a group of classes and any student group of more than 5 members.

public school

New semester is a new start to all of us while many of us are about to have new equipments. Compared to having a new laptop computer for each semester, I think a new battery or charger is more reasonable.

On the other hand, if schools can provide students and teachers brand new extended life batteries, the learning conditions will be better and you can have a win-win success. With our 30 days no payment guarantee, it is really a very good opportunity for schools to cooperate with us.

If you are personal student, please check if your public school has cooperated with USB Phone World. If you cannot ensure, please feel free to contact with us and we can help you to check it.

personal student

After all, the students whose public schools have participated in this activity can just purchase the battery or adapter with some discounts and free shipping. If not, just don’t worry about it. After all, you can help us to connect with them, including schools, mass organizations, classmates and other student groups of more 5 members. And then you can get any product in our store for free.

Once you haven’t lived up to any of the above conditions, you can also have 10% off from USB Phone World and free shipping if they are from US public schools. But I think you need to contact with us first by online chatting or 1-800-631-8153.

If you are parents of public schools students, congratulations to you! You can also help your children and yourselves to buy a battery or charger with 10% off discount and free shipping.


If you can also purchase by wholesale, group purchasing is welcomed, including parents groups, commodity, the same public school and other mass organizations. And all of you can get more discounts, please take the time to contact with us.

For more details about our back to school deals policy, please review BACK TO SCHOOL DEAL!.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, August 11, 2011

How long have you used your current lithium-ion batteries? Are you going to learn about the maximum lifespan? Actually, lithium-ion battery is different from each other in lifespan based on all kinds of factors.

Recently, the NASA electronic engineering professor Tom Hartley said that the more you have discharged the lithium-ion battery, the greater loss there will be. So is full charging. The best way is to charge the battery within a certain range. Therefore, the batteries can reach to maximum lifespan.

lithium-ion batteries, lifespan

First of all, either too high or too low battery charge status is harmful to the lithium-ion batteries. Comparatively, even the recharging cycles don’t have such a great influence. As a matter of fact, a great number of consumer electronics have indicated the recharging cycles of lithium-ion battery inside and nearly 80 percent is based on the nominal values and tests.

However, as to some laptop batteries, if the actual voltage is over the nominal output voltage to be more than 0.1 volt, the lifespan is likely to be reduced by half. The rest can be done in the same manner. In addition, if the battery is in the state of low or lack of power energy, the internal resistances will be larger and larger so that the capacity is reduced to a great extent.

The result is that the consumption of Hubble Space Telescope is controlled by 10 percent. Thereby, the recharging cycles can reach 10 million, including both charging and discharging.

Temperature is another factor that has great influence on lithium-ion battery life. Except for cell phone and other small consumer electronics, other electronic products must be influenced seriously. The situations below freezing point are able to burn the device instantly while overheating will also shorten the battery capacity. Therefore, even if the battery installed inside the laptop is not in the process of charging, the high temperature will reduce the lifespan evidently. And the lithium-ion batteries that are always at the state of 100% charged, it will be dead in a short period.

Based on all these factors, have you already got the knowledge about your lithium-ion batteries lifespan?

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The day to back to school is coming soon. I believe many students have prepared to greet the new challenges of new semester. Except for the mood and status, is there anything we need to prepare in consumer electronics?

Nowadays, nearly all the students have their one notebook computers like IBM, HP, Sony, Apple, Dell and so on while some of them need to buy a new one. But if you don’t have a rich budget, you have to spend more time on part-time work instead of study or entertainment. Therefore, if you are going to improve the learning conditions but don’t want to spend so much, we will recommend you some high cost-performance laptop accessories.

back to school, laptop

Extended life battery on sale for back to school

At school, especially in class, not all the students can be available to the socket. That is to say, we have to rely on the batteries to last long enough. Obviously, the HP and Dell extended life batteries can be the secret weapons under the plain circumstances of laptop computers.

If your notebooks are high-consumed like Sony and Apple, it is more reasonable to improve the battery capacity. Otherwise, even if they can achieve some attractive and additional functions, they will be power off soon.

High-rate laptop charger on sale for back to school

If there’s another device to improve laptop work efficiency and solve the problem of battery capacity, it must be the high-rate laptop charger.

Compared to the normal standard AC adapters, the new higher version Toshiba charger is bound to be more reasonable due to its ability to increase the motherboard running rate. If you don’t want to have a new replacement computer, it is really a very good idea to recover your laptop computers.

On the other hand, if you need to charge fully the batteries during break time in school, these high-rate AC adapters can also help you to finish charging in a short time.

To be more fortunate, as these new laptop accessories are more powerful than we imagined, USB Phone World will push out more on sale with some promotion activities. It will be a new start to back to school.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nowadays, Apple is not only the myth of consumer electronics market but has threatened many large laptop and cell phone brands seriously. All walks of life come to take use of iPhone, iPod, iPad, Macbook, Powerbook and so on. Even the Koreans who used to be faithful to their domestic cell phones just cannot resist the temptations of iPhone.

apple, Jobs

Actually, the story of Apple development has been recorded into the history while many other business owners come to analysis and learn from Apple. But I am going to discuss with you whether the strategy or the society has brought Apple such a great success.

Traced back to the history, many large brands have occupied a large market share before. At that moment, Nokia, Intel, Microsoft and other enterprises have all become the symbol of a certain consumer electronic sort. However, nowadays no one of them can be on a par with iPhone, Mac os X and other Apple products.

apple logos

Under this circumstance, we just cannot deny that the society can choose the brands and customers are hard to be accustomed to only Apple or other brands.

It is certainly that the achievement of Steve Jobs and Apple are closely related to innovation and other requirements of terminal users, including spirits, appearance and identity embodiment. The new goods come out from generation to generation. Although iPhone 5 hasn’t released, all sorts of rumours have already filled the market.

In the fast developing era, all the news and information will be enlarged, especially for those large enterprises that have good relationship with social media. As is exemplified with Apple, supposed the news hasn’t popularized to the public in time, maybe its influence will be reduced to a great extent. So are all the operators, device manufacturers, terminal enterprises and so on. In addition, they have to know that the users are most important part of their business strategy. Just like progenitor cells, they will determine if the new organism is vigorous or not in the industry.

Anyway, we have to admit that Apple is just a contemporary successful company of this age. It is still uncertain how long such a great market share can last for. Better than the strategies or technologies, I think it is reasonable to analyze the characteristics of the society, the terminal users and the age development tendency. Then you could be next Jobs and your company would be next Apple.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, August 8, 2011

Are you fed up with the traditional consumer electronics and laptop accessories? Do you hope they could be more interesting with some additional multi-functions? Supposed the laptop charger can also be used as an outlet while tablet and cell phone can be together as one, the experience will be different completely.

Laptop Charger Outlet

newfangled consumer electronics, laptop charger outlet

Actually, laptop charger is just the external power supply. But have you imagined that it can also be the outlet? Recently, a manufacturer has produced a new laptop charger outlet that has got two sockets to supply enough power energy to other consumer electronics. That is to say, even if there’s only one wall socket in the room, several devices can be charged by it normally. If you are going out to have a meeting or business trip, it will also be very convenient.

A Package of both PDA and Cell Phone

newfangled consumer electronics, pda, cell phone

Last month, ASUS has released a new product that has both tablet and cell phone inside, which has broken the traditions of the industry. Although it seems to be a pure PDA by the appearance, we can see the cell phone stored inside after opening the storeroom in the back.

In addition, the tablet can complete all kinds of operations of cell phone by a larger screen. When the cell phone is power off, users can also make the tablet as a backup. These two consumer electronics are both of high-end configurations. The only fly in the ointment is that the PDA has no webcam while only the cell phone has.

Therefore, we can not only expand the cell phone screen but can also save users a lot of physical and electronic spaces.

Some other Newfangled Consumer Electronics

USB cup humidifier can not only be regarded as a cup but also a humidifier. Thereby, the remaining water won’t be wasted by users if they are unwilling to drink up. With USB connector and automatic induction device of basement, it is really very convenient and environmental protected.

Of course, there’re also some double-faced USB connector, intelligent adjusted keyboard and other newfangled consumer electronics. If you are interested in, please go to the market to have a look.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, August 7, 2011

It is usually a desirable place for people to enjoy the air conditioning, Wi-Fi network and laptop power socket in Starbucks. More and more users come from office or school to Starbucks to have a wonderful day there. However, as most of them have occupied a lot of them there, it has become a difficult problem to get a spare socket.

Starbucks, laptop power supply

Recently, a portion of Starbucks store in New York has blocked their power socket. According to their announcement, they hope users can leave after the batteries are used up.

In addition to laptop power supply, the laptop computer is another big problem that can occupy a big space so that other customers just cannot find a place to put their coffee cups.

If you have come across such a changing issue in Starbucks, we recommend users to have an extended life battery as backup. Whether the sockets are all occupied or blocked, it means we cannot stay in Starbucks with laptop work long enough. As to those who need to have a complex project or preparation for a negotiation, without coffee there, it will take away a lot of inspiration from there.

Recently, extended life batteries have become more and more popular in the market not only because of the requirements of long standby time but also of high laptop consumption. Especially for those who need to handle with some complicated programs in notebook, it is tragic to use up all the power energy even before they have finished their coffee.

With the technology developed, some more powerful batteries like super capacitor or solar versions are released. Although they are not popularized to the public, they have threatened our lives to some extent. Moreover, some manufacturers have also invented a new device that can convert the mechanical energy into electric energy. That is to say, without power socket, it is definitely possible for users to have continuous power energy.

In this way, it has provided Starbucks a more difficult problem. After all, power socket block is impossible to solve all. It is still uncertain who can change whom in usage attitude and patterns.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, August 4, 2011

We have witnessed that the computer data, programs or even system can be killed by hackers before. It is really a horrible experience to personal users or even business owners. But nowadays, the famous hacker Charlie Miller has released that he could control Apple laptop computer flexibly to kill the Apple laptop battery.

hacker conference, hacker

He told us that as long as he had succeeded to delete or come around the built-in protection mechanism, it was definitely possible for him to control the Apple laptop batteries easily, which has surprised a lot of people and insiders in our industry. After all, it is hard to identify the root cause and problems by normal users.

At present, he has the ability to consume all the power energy of a lithium-ion laptop battery and make it to be overcharging or overheating. Meanwhile, a fuse inside can prevent the batteries from explosion or fire. Although it won’t hurt the users, the loss for Apple users is also very seriously.

The primary work principle of such a hacker measurement is to adjust the remaining capacity and make the control chips and battery indicating system confused about the correct identification.

As long as users’ Apple notebook has been infected by OS X, the malicious software can control the battery work situations. As a matter of fact, Apple has taken use of a new battery chip from Texas Instrument, which is composed by three chips in all. Since Apple has never replaced their battery part controlling system password, all the intelligent battery firmware is likely to be at a very high risk.

Several months before, we have still remembered the Apple new system and Windows 7 have the improper battery capacity indicating information. Some users complained that their batteries can only last for a few minutes and it is proved to be the problems of indicators. Is it possible the resource of inspiration for the hackers?

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Recently, the discussion about PC computer and tablet is hot in the market. The CTO of Fujitsu has also threatened that tablet computer is very likely to substitute PC in about five years, which has aroused huge controversy.

pc, tablet, ipad, laptop

Controversy one, tablet market share is still at a very low stage.

Including desktop and laptop computer, the popularizing rate of PC is really very high while the development rate is always increasing. These years, the development of tablet computers is also very surprised with double or even triple increasing rate. Compared to the market share of PC, it is just hard to contend against.

Controversy two, the complex application and operating ways have made tablet to be inferior to PC slightly in convenience.

It is obviously that the complex operation has made tablet computer inconvenient to complete some direct tasks. If users are going to have a large electronic form, they can only work on the laptop computer or desktop computer instead of tablet. After all, limited by screen size and touch pad, even iPad won’t be appreciated by designers and other businessmen.

Controversy three, the used operating habits are hard to be changed by tablet at present.

Without keyboard and mouse, users have to reduce their typing rate and it is hard to have a precise operation on the programs. To be sure, the position and core value of tablet is the good appearance and touch screen. However, the USB interface, Wifi wireless and non-keyboard design are still unaccepted by real customers.

Controversy four, although tablet dominates in portability, the multi-functions of contents fabrication are still immature.

At present, tablet and PC have got their own different market positions and user groups. Just as laptop computer vs desktop in the past, it is hard to surpass the traditional habits and requirements. As the largest advantage of tablet is just portability instead of multi-functions, it still needs a long way to go more than five years. After all, any consumer electronic should have its real and deepoing secret weapon.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The debt problem has attracted more and more investors to the stock market recently. They are busy with studying the market trends, industry, index and so on. Meanwhile, laptop has become a necessary tool to them gradually. Today, we are going to introduce you about the important configuration of stock laptops.

Portability of laptop

As a matter of fact, the investors need to take their computers to anywhere to start up, surf on the Internet and get the latest news. Under this circumstance, a portable laptop of suitable size and lightweight is really a good choice.

Nowadays, the designer Shouze has issued his new works, an aluminum part for laptop. It can not only be used as radiator stand but also can be an additional hand shank. Thereby, users to take the laptop computer away just like a briefcase.

laptop, radiator stand, briefcase

Powerful network functions of laptop

These days, Obama has decided that the wireless network will expand to the whole US. Many small businesses have got some achievements thanks to high-speed Internet.

It sounds to be very attractive to all of the investors and laptop users. However, before it has come into being, a laptop of powerful network functions is of great significance. Then users can get the information of stock market in time.

Application expansion ability of laptop

In addition to Internet, the GPS system and related functions are necessary. After all, GPS system can lead users to the destination as soon as possible. In addition, the interface quantity and comfortable full-size keyboard can also bring the stock investors many conveniences.

It is necessary to have effective tools to do good work. Therefore, it is really important for us to get a multi-functional laptop that can handle with both stock and business work. After all, it will cost us more if we have one of only sole functions. To do both properly and let’s get a win-win succeed.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, August 1, 2011

Even though we are accustomed to charge the batteries for cell phone, laptop computer and other consumer electronics, it is not the matter we are willing to do. Actually, some examples of quartz electronic watches can be a good idea to handle with the lithium-ion batteries. Will other devices be handled by this way?

According to the report of ANU (Australian National University), a kind of forever battery has come out from their cooperation project with RMIT University. Their physics and engineering research institute told us that this new battery will overturn the knowledge of batteries and even the whole industry.

These years, three doctors from ANU have insisted to develop the technology of new batteries that can convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy by nanotechnology. If it has successfully achieved, the new battery can be applied to cell phone, computer, pacemaker and so on.

Nanotechnology, piezoelectrics, batteries

The key breakthrough of this technology has come down to the combination of piezoelectrics and thin film technology.

As is known to all, the thin film separator has got a great significance to battery in terms of Ionic conduction ability which is directly related to the overall performance. It can not only help the electronics to transform between anode and cathode but also protect the cells from overloading, overheating and short circuit.

Piezoelectrics is a component that can create enough electricities by squeezing or stretching. Crystal (alpha quartz) is a famous piezoelectric crystal that has installed in quartz electronic watches that can both provide enough power energy and keep the good time.

batteries, mechanical energy, electrical energy

As to the other consumer electronics, users just need to work on their cell phones or laptop touch screen, keyboard and it will help us to charge the battery automatically. It seems to be very convenient and environmentally friendly.

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