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Wednesday, February 20, 2013
It will be more conveniently to use mouse on the finger, which can not only save more space but can move more smoothly than before. Only a simple action can lead the laptop system to complete the task or run other useful programs in normal use.

As a 3D mouse on finger tip, it seems to have great help on dealing with the tasks on using the laptop while the fingers can move continuously among the keyboard, mouse or touch pad to decrease the work efficiency of laptop.

3d mouse

Actually, this 3D mouse product has been put forward for a while while it is finally appeared in the market with a suitable price. Actually, this amazing laptop accessory has surprised the whole market a lot in many aspects.

In terms of the function, this equipment can take advantage of 3D technology and space recognition technology without moving the whole right arm. It can conveniently navigate the mouse direction to anywhere users need on the laptop computer.

The details for 3D mouse functions include built-in battery by USB port, battery last time of up to 8 hours, equipped banjo splint of two sizes. Actually, it can last longer than most of computer batteries. On the appearance, it is also small enough as bluetooth headset and lightweight for users to carry and move smoothly.

Of course, the shortcomings of this device come to be the applicability. As a matter of fact, users are used to play with traditional mouse even if it is not very conveniently. In addition, when working in public sites, it will be strange to take advantage of this 3D mouse with a new way. After all, most of users are not clear of this special device.

Connected to the computer by Bluetooth, the maximum distance can be of 30 feet, which means it can even be used to play PPT. And this 3D mouse also supports iPad, iPhone, Andriod, and other smart phones and tablet computers in all places. Someone even said that it is similar to Xbox.

At present, this 3D mouse cannot work for left-hander that can be put forward soon. Of course, if it is suitable, users need to try it by yourself in actual work.

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