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Thursday, January 24, 2013
As is reported by Brooke Crothers of CNET, the Surface Pro laptop of Microsoft is regarded as the next model of PC computer with Haswell processor while the standby time of Surface tablet computer will be improved effectively.

Actually, all the PC manufacturers have paid attention to the development tendency in PC computer in the future.

surface pro

The reason for Surface Pro to be regarded as the next generation of PC model is of two reasons. Microsoft hasn’t realized that the equipped components should be installed behind the screen instead of underneath of the keyboard, which has made the keyboard slimmer and lighter in appearance. Another reason is that Surface Pro has adopted the real processor inside to improve the system performance.

In CES, most of the new laptop computers are transformable, which means the computer screen cannot be taken apart as the key component is installed under the keyboard. And it will be more conveniently than the regular ha65ns1-00. Meanwhile, most of these electronic products haven’t been impressed in this exhibition.

As for the design, it is really hard to grasp is not only the thickness or weight but many other aspects. At lease, compared iPad, Google Nexus and other tablet computers, this new Surface Pro computer has advantages.

However, although many laptop, tablet and Ultrabook computers have great revolution in both performance and appearance, no one is bound to be regarded next PC model until the appearing of Surface Pro.

With built-in Intel Ivy Bridge chip, Surface Pro computer is of higher running rate of most of Windows 8 tablet computer with Atom processor.

Actually, the standby time of Surface Pro is not much more powerful than user expected. Microsoft has known that Atom processor will put in an unfavorable position as Atom processor cannot meet the satisfactory of important operation applications in Windows 8.

Inspired by Intel, in CES, the separated laptop computer ThinkPad Helix based on Ivy Bridge processor is put forward. The goal of Intel is a new type of Ivy Bridge chip and Haswell chip behind the screen.

With Haswell processor, the electronic products will be of improved standby time while the real Intel processor Windows 8 can last for about 6 hours in actually work. And Surface tablet computer based on Haswell will also be much more powerful.

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