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Monday, January 21, 2013
Generally speaking, the banned products from airline company include fireworks, cigarette lighter, toxic chemical products and so on. Among them, tablet computers are not expected by many users that they are also very hard to carry and delivery thanks to the li-ion battery inside the integrated motherland computer.

As for tablet computer, it is still uncertain if it can be taken to the aeroplane and how to deliver.

Although we don’t have tablet for sale, the experience in shipping the Dell c1295 battery and charger has helped us to be clear about the rule of delivery companies. Of course, not all the delivery companies will refuse the tablet computers, which are determined by many factors.

Actually, the tablet computers are hard to deliver is not only for the reason of Li-ion batteries.
If it can be delivered is decided by shipping companies. After all, the LCD screen of tablet computers is easy to be damaged. If not packed well, the whole device will be destroyed seriously. As for the normal laptop computers, the motherland and Li-ion battery are separated with each other as the Li-ion battery is regarded as dangerous goods.

Regularly, the technicians of delivery companies have standard operation ways to pack all these laptop and tablet computers. Users can follow the instructions to complete package and shipping.
Speaking of tablet computers, some workers of delivery companies will refuse to carry as the related department will check them seriously while some of them are possible to be seized. As a matter of fact, tablet computer, cell phone, lithium-ion laptop batteries and even shaving razor have the same treatment in shipping.

Of course, some lithium-ion laptop batteries can be shipped by land transportation. That is why it needs more time to reach. Comparatively, some delivery companies of high cost can ship these products more quickly. And some promotion prices are provided if users can accept land transportation.

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