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Sunday, January 20, 2013
As the Pellion technology from spin-off company of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it has developed low cost high power density rechargeable Mg battery. It is reported that the current electronic mix mobile car can store power energy from the Mg batteries. If success, the project can supply the new high-tech power supply battery in the market that will be in leading position in USA.

Nowadays, Li-ion battery comes to be the primary choice for laptop, cell phone, digital camera and even new energy automobile power. With light weight and powerful functions, it has helped the car manufacturers to have high performance, precise appearance, long lifespan, and good compatibility, but very expensive.

Inspiron e1505 laptop batteries

Comparatively, in theory, Mg laptop battery can supply higher development and researching spaces than that of Li-ion Inspiron e1505 laptop batteries. Of wide Mg element distribution, the production cost of Mg batteries is much cheaper than regular Li-ion batteries thanks to the enough quantity in stock.

As the magnesium ion is of two positive charges while Li-ion ones are of only one, the power energy storage capacity is much more powerful than Li-ion ones. For this reason, both lifespan and last time of Mg laptop batteries will be better.

However, before that, the Mg laptop battery is not so cool as expected at present in work efficiency, compatibility and other factors. According to the insider experts, the business application of Mg batteries should wait for at least 10 years to reach certain level.

For both Mg positive electrode and Tin insert type anode technologies, it is a problem in choice for all these laptop batteries. Furthermore, once the technology in positive electrode, negative electrode and electrolyte has great revolution. From this point of view, it still needs 5 years to go to the commercialization stage in about 5 years.

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