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Monday, January 7, 2013
With the new electronic devices have won more and more ratification and dependence, the PC computers are confronted with the threats from smart cell phones and tablet computers. However, when they have brought us more and more convenience and benefits, the standby time comes to be the key point to settle down in normal use.

Lithium battery that can breathe air

Among all the batteries, Lithium-ion laptop batteries comes to be the most popular ones as they are of high output power, small size, light weight, high energy density, little memory effect, long lifespan and environmental protection. Here, we will introduce some other popular batteries on the market in the future.

Soft solar laptop battery

These years, the solar and PV are the hot topic in the industry in both cell phone and laptop computer devices. However, the ideas of soft screen and solar charging have limited in using places and standby time.

Tritium battery with 20 years lifespan

The most obvious advantage for Tritium battery is the long lifespan, super compressive seismic capability and low temperature high temperature resistance ability. Except for 20 years lifespan, it can also resist the low temperature to be below -60 to -150 degree, which is applied in science research.

Lithium battery that can breathe air

Lithium-ion Air battery is a new battery solution from IBM that can breath and release enough oxygen gas to supply power energy. This kind of Lenovo thinkpad x41 battery can also have chemical reactions with the lithium-ion cells in cathode electron and product lithium oxide to supply electronics. This new battery will be more powerful than regular ones by 10 times.

At present, there are also some other special batteries like low cost sugar battery, environmental wooden battery and other ones. They have taken use the natural materials to supply electronic power energy with low cost.

Actually, all of these laptop batteries have their own advantages and properties in technology and performance.

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