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Sunday, December 16, 2012
It is well known that all the laptop batteries have their own lifespan and other features in compatibility, interface, output power, shape, internal and external materials and so on. Here, we won’t talk more seriously about it but the usual habits that may help users to learn about the laptop battery lifespan.

Dell d410 battery

Smart Defrag Management

As for those who are very care about their notebook computers, the disk clean up task will be treated seriously. Normally, after clearing up the hard drive, the system can work faster and the whole computer will work under high running rate. In most cases, it is best to have smart defrag when the external power supply is plugged, which can decrease consumption and improve battery standby time.

Decrease the lightness of laptop LCD screen

Most of laptop computers can adjust the screen brightness by ourselves to decrease the work frequency of CPU. When playing with the Li-ion Dell d410 battery, it can also decrease some parameters and extend the lifespan of laptop batteries.

Avoid not taking use of the CD-ROM device too frequently

Although the consumption of hard drive is on the high level, it is actually seriously to consume all the power energy of the disc. Even if it is not in use, it can run well enough as the disc while the consumed power energy and run continuously. If virtual CD file is used, it can save more power energy.


After turning off some unused programs, the CPU can decrease consumption and make the Dell d410 battery last longer. In regular work, the Li-ion batteries can be filled and cleaned by alcohol cotton after using for some period. Once fully charged, it needs activation of charging and discharging to cope with the memory effect and other mistakes in BIOS. In addition, laptop computer can also install an additional internal memory to decrease the consumption in the virtual memory.

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