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Tuesday, November 20, 2012
For both last time and charging rate, we are all troubled with the process of charging and the time for us to play with laptop battery only. However, it is hard for the battery to perform the same as the power adapter while it needs external power supply to run normally. Recently, a new technology is released, which is said to solve the problem well.

hp mu06 battery

It is reported that the researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology has published out a kind of new Li-ion HP mu06 battery that can be compressed or curved to supply power energy to complete self-charging. The whole process is completed by the chemical materials inside to have switching reaction automatically.

The researchers have put away the contained fuel cell electrolyte, a kind of jello plastic container to store power energy with chemical ways. As a replacement, a new layer of pressured electrical carbon nanotubes is applied to transfer the movement to power energy. Therefore, it has been developed to use moving to complete the whole chemical power transformation to get more power energy for Li-ion and Hybrid Fuel Cell batteries.

Generally speaking, piezoelectric positioning equipments can convert the kinetic energy to power energy well. And then it can also convert to chemical energy by standard charging circuits inside the Li-ion HP mu06 battery. This new Hybrid Fuel Cell technology can influence on the ion current inside the device directly.
Thereby, the researchers can completely skip the charging circuits inside to catch the more efficient way to get mechanical energy. Although it refers to physical movement, but the shape and size is smaller that is hard to see. At present, a kind of biomechanical device that won’t be an eyesore can supply an effective configuration solution to solve the moving devices to meet the increasing demands on power energy.

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