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Thursday, November 1, 2012
Since the tablet computer is published, laptop computers have taken all kinds of challenges from the market. Actually, the new Windows 8 has carried us many new PC computers, including both tablet and laptop of high configuration, new touch screen, and other amazing functions.

Windows 8 has aroused the new touch revolution

After Microsoft has released their Windows 8 operation system, it has improved a lot in user interface that can be adapted to PC, laptop, tablet and other devices with touch screens. Compared to Windows 7, it has got a lot of improvements in menu, button, mouse input design and other user experience.

windows 8 for laptop

In addition, Windows 8 has also the functions to realize screen zoom, close the applications and other requirements by touch gesture. On basis of multi-touch gestures, this new operation system and turn on and close the programs more rapidly and conveniently while it can also complete packet processing, increasing or decreasing applications, moving the files and so on.

It is certainly that Windows 8 has brought tablet computer more chances to attract the users attention in many aspects. Even so, laptop computer, like Dell laptop, has also developed their new products that are born with touch screen and other additional functions as well. And Dell d410 battery should be upgraded to fit better and last longer.

As a matter of fact, this new operation system has also supplied cardiotonic to the whole PC industry. All the major PC manufacturers have designed and assembled their new laptop or tablet computers according to all these new features to catch the market earlier.

In my opinion, the combination of both tablet and laptop computer will be the tendency in the near future.

The topic about if tablet will replace the laptop has been talked for a long period. According to actual situations, it is hard to compete with each other as they have their own unique advantages.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a new computer with the advantages of both to meet both business and personal demands. And Windows 8 has the new properties to be compatible with tablet touch and traditional desktop laptop operation system. The whole PC market is bound to have a new revolution after that.

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